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  1. Mint shots guys,keep them coming. Here's a small King I took last night casting off a pierhead(on a J-13).
  2. This site has all the local info you'll need... Quinte Fishing H.I.H.
  3. Ahhh pound balls!! I miss all the fun..............
  4. Welcome to the forum neighbour,enjoy the ride. :cool :
  5. I've found the darker the fish become,the better they respond to stick baits/rattle baits. When their just bronze(not brown or black)they seem to prefer spoons.
  6. Opti Inticer #332 + A-TOM-MIK T100 off the wire divers did many Kings over 20 lbs this season,largest being 27.5.
  7. If this post was in the fishing section,I'd swear you were referring to the coyote flasher :lol:
  8. Their casting spoons are $8 up here,and the trolling spoons are $9 :eek: Will agree,the stock hooks require sharpening/changing.
  9. Murphys Law for ya. We always have just one of a super hot lure,the cold lures are purchased in lots of 6 :sorry:
  10. I leave eggs natural,except for chum & singles(legal over here in Ont). Skeins are scraped,then eggs are frozen(nice and soft). Chumming eggs are water cured,then bathed in salt water overnight till they bounce off the floor,they disperse very well when thrown out via hand or slingshot. I'll get into greater detail later,off to the pierhead now.
  11. Bite picked up around midnight,broke off another fish around 01:30 :mad: Back at it tonight..............
  12. I also prefer singles over trebles,but at times,they do more damage to the smaller fish/shakers(eye hooked,etc).
  13. Opti Inticers with A-TOM-MIK 3 fly or twinkie cut bait rigs.
  14. First King off the pierhead for 07(same date as last yr)...........
  15. Bend the nose of the spoon upward to create more of a cup on the nose. You'll have that dancing wobble at slower speeds(2.2-2.5 mph). NOTE: Bend the nose slowly with firm pressure,too much pressure can crack the metal.
  16. Could be a genetic thing?? Had Kings with just a couple spots top and bottom on the tail,checked the mouth to confirm Same thing applies to browns,some have a lot of spots across the lateral line,others very few.
  17. I use the Surgeons End Loop for fly leaders,it never slips.
  18. No go on a 30,we'll keep pluggin' away. My buddy ended up in 5th for the week with a 28.62 lb King. We've found alot of the big fish seem to come at odd times in the day,not always at dawn.
  19. Local shop up here has them,held one yesterday(didn't buy it :no:).:lol:
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