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  1. ashtabula wall/walnut beach breakwall= ok fishing . conneaut wall = its been great conneaut/ashtabula river=loaded kinda=== spooked to all hell==still catching lots....... but you have to work for it average size from 24-29inch (no 31 pluss seen yet cought) we need some serious rain:eek::eek::eek::eek::confused:
  2. Hello all, I just joined. Little about me I have a boat and it's ready for winter already (almost). I love steelhead from the walls and river's. When there not around as long as the bluegill are biteing im haveing a great time. Hope to meet and bs with anyone that loves the sport. see ya around a river or wall soon Jeff G.
  3. yesterday...... I had 3 today i lost by the light house that hit so hard it broke 18pound p-line 11'6"pole. drag was set way lose .im talking (i could hardly real in the bait with out the drag not pulling it in) crazy -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzshort pause zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzjump jump jump roll jump jump roll roll roll tangled up and gone(the show they put on was way worth the lost line and bait). . It seems the warm weather supercharged them 76 out. I lost count at 10-15landed by 2 of us. The hole wall did good beach to light house. Enjoy the secret is out .....uto Today .. conneaut again I went today to catch a few and then figured around 9 i would just love the smalls that are always around. I dont know how many steels my arms hurt. stoped at 12ish and still catching them in this 75deg weather that is hot today. Weird we stayed right by the beach today. Still just killing when they hit . today I will message you . about bait "monkeypuke" I almost kicked a dudes ass today for trying to throw back a fish who killed his bait. (Im talking fish probably on and pole just set down) He ripped the hook out. He was catching nothing till i told what we used. Blood everywhere. To bad he left ... all the old timers jumped on him also with comments (dont **** with those old timer wall guys or the fish wow) People wonder why you hate to share secrets. I would rather see people not catch anything and think im a ass. Then see what this dude did today.
  4. I have to say . 3weeks of killing steel off the breakwall in conneaut and walnut beach/ashtabula. All I Can Say Is Welcome Home Enjoy !! Looks like jacks must be in river or late. alot of 25+
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