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  1. She was still a 1/2 lb under the minimum weight of 25 lbs for the $500/day derby(which also ended on Monday). G.O.S.D. starts this weekend Date on the original post has now been edited(thx Dv8or)
  2. Blue dolphin SD + A-TOM-MIK Hammer Fly on the wire.... She was 40 inches X 24 inch girth. Thx for the heads up Dev8or
  3. Slip,Leslie Spit & Ashbridges Bay are producing very well right now. Both locations within easy eyesight of the CN Tower.:cool: A 28 lb King was taken there today(pic below courtesy of Aaron Shirley of Getting Hooked).
  4. A-TOM-MIK Tom with his 29.09 lb grand prize leading LOC derby King............. Pro-Troll with a #T23 fly(green krinkle)
  5. Similiar scaring as last year. Some Kings have 2 or 3 lamprey scars on them.
  6. Spoon bite for us,a black/purple/glo mag pro king and a mag 42 nd spoon were sizzling hot at dawn. 21 lb missile that went 620 ft on her first run(fixed slider at 35 ft down over 100 fow) I'll add the other pictures when I receive them from the cpt.
  7. A-TOM-MIK T#23(Krinkle Green with chart beads) takes fish from May-Oct,all water conditions,all light conditions.
  8. I use the same knot for tying tandem beak hooks with 50 lb Seaguar fluoro. WHlNb_VdIG0 Never had it slip,the hooks hang straight. H.I.H.
  9. Been taking Kings the last 2 weeks on flasher/fly combo's off riggers,wire divers,and copper in the SW basin of lake.O. Down temps have been 38-40 F.
  10. For reasons unknown,I can't get J's to fire,Lymans on the other hand...... :rolleyes:
  11. The reels they were using on the riggers.............
  12. Nice fish GF,my largest last season on lake Ontario came in early Aug,in 40 fow(working a scum line),in bright sun @ 11:00 am.............. 28 lbs(released during the GOSD-was borderline to make tenth place at the end of that week). She hit a T100 A-TOM-MIK fly with green Inticer flasher off a wire diver(out 80 ft on a 3 1/2 setting-she smoked off 600 ft of wire).
  13. I have high speed here,took a little over 12 minutes,dial up will take a little longer..
  14. Welcome Bill,think I've seen you around before :angry2:
  15. Glad your aboard Chris,enjoy the ride.
  16. It's a large file(182 MB),but well worth it. Click Here to download. Footage courtesy of Aaron & Barry from gettinghooked.net,filmed on lake Ontario(north shore).
  17. Trottin' the tribs and chuckin pierheads for 23 yrs,still lots to learn.................
  18. Fishlander Easter Egg Super Glo(mupped-sizzling in late July). 42nd Spoon Big Ern-Cherry Grape in Aug.
  19. FYI,there's some tanks that come out of Quinte every fall,in the 15-18 lb range.
  20. The welding ring issue is a big concern for alot of people. When I was informed of the defect in the spring,the first one I bought,I tested the ring with my fingers,the weld broke with firm pressure!! Walker has since changed that welding ring to a heavy duty cross lock snap. If you have any lying around with the welded ring,test them,you'll be surprised at how weak the weld is :eek:
  21. Well done TB,pierheads up here are stacked with Kings,just very picky on what they want to hit.
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