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  1. Cheers & beers TS,welcome to the forum.
  2. North shore of lady O,the 3 Scotty tournament events,plus the GOSD.
  3. Mike,do you know if any of the revenue generated from the derby goes back into the fishery? TIA;
  4. Willis for mono backing & leader. If you coat the last 3 inches of braid with head cement,let it stiffen up,makes it easier to thread into the outer sheath of the core. H.I.H.
  5. That's a tournament or derby trick,deploy the ski's,even if your not pulling core/copper. Keeps the boats away..................... P.S. Anyone that pulls a full core + and stays within the pack,is asking for trouble eventually.
  6. You guys have it good,gas up here is $108.5/litre($4.10/gallon). :eek: Supposed to hit $1.50/litre($5.67/gallon) by mid summer.....................
  7. Smack dab in the middle of SW ontario(1 hr to lake O,1 hr to Erie,1 hr to Huron).
  8. King population in lake Ontario is excellent,we have a 4 yr old class of silvers in the western basin currently,averaging 18-22 lbs. Very well fed fish(see fish in my sig). Huron is still suffering:(
  9. Hopefully I can contribute to this forum. I target the north shore of lake.Ontario,lake Erie & East shore of lake Huron. Glad to be here Skeiner
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