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  1. I use both,only downfall when using singles is they have a tendancy to hook smaller fish in the eye socket,thus no C & R. Prefer siwash for staged kings with their hard mouths.
  2. Agree with Phil,11 inchers when down deep(below 90 ft),8 inchers above that.
  3. Hold onto them Craig,worth their weight in productive waypoints :cool: Thx for the history lesson Tim,never knew it was Rip & Roc that made the old Pirate spoons:grin:
  4. Lyman makes their plugs from a #1 to a #9 monster. #4 is the standard sized(same with a J plug). Lyman Lures.
  5. First time was 1981,salmonitis ever since:cool:
  6. Mint shots Bill,never knew you were a "pinhead"(centrepin reel).:cool:
  7. You can also try adding a bead chain swivel infront of the flasher,performs very well.
  8. Pound balls were dead slow(can count on one hand the # of fish) for us this season,riggers,wire & braid divers were the mainstay. Copper produced well on certain trips when all the other rods weren't moving,but in general,there was no consistent pattern. It seemed to change every trip,put out a variety,then change up accordingly.
  9. Cheers Steve,I'm originally from the UK:welcome:
  10. We had 60 mph gusts over here today,waiting to see the damage done on the news later tonight.
  11. I was expecting something with hooks attached,mint shot Ken
  12. Panzie is a nickname for panfish(Gills,etc). The Trap Attack boys use the term frequently. I should of used the proper name the first time
  13. No Mike,we use a net with a 12 ft handle,and who ever is on the rod,walks to the bow,when the fish is played out. Some guys on Lake.O have been known to use 15 ft leads off their divers during tourneys to fill a box during a tough bite(same netting approach we use)..
  14. 70% of the time it's flasher/fly Mike. Usually will pull a spoon behind the diver(minimun 10 ft leader) when the targets are in the top 40 fow.
  15. How small will you scale down to get picky panzies to go?? I'll drop down to a 1/128th ounce Marmooska(#18 hook) with a single spike/maggot. Another trick is a small bb shot with a #16 hook(daiichi #1150) with a single spike/maggot on 2 lb mono. It sinks ever so slowly,but have you noticed on the Vex,when you toss your chewed up spikes down the hole,they never make it to bottom??
  16. Had a couple trips this past summer where a shorter 5 ft leader from diver out performed our standard 10 ft leader length.
  17. Mint!! Local inland lakes up here have 3-6 inches of the hard stuff :cool: Love the panzies through the ice
  18. Where's the hut and their ice skimmer??? :lol: That's wicked:cool:
  19. Had a FishTrap Guide 2 man flip up model the last several years,worth every cent. They cost more than other models,but the ice armour material makes up for it in comfort(repells the cold,keeps heat in). Plus only takes 30 seconds to set up(with snowmobile mitts on). Flip up huts are a must for the run/gun ice angler.
  20. Those Croixs are nice little sticks,picked up a couple already to mix with the Genz Lightning rods(wish they had better hook keepers on them). Maybe on the ice before Fishmas again like last year.
  21. We'll see if I can make the mounds bigger than last year.............
  22. Last night was slower than a slug moving uphill backwards. Saw a grand total of 1 fish landed at 2 pierheads,I landed one small king(12 lbs) on Fri night on a homemade glo spinner(mepps aglia #4). Not many fish have moved upstream,despite all the rain we've had in the last 2 weeks. Still some stagers in the lake,but I feel this fall's run of Kings on the north shore will be very poor(lack of stocking on our part). Hopefully I'm wrong
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