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  1. Lake.Ontario Kings................. Couple from this spring... Mid Season.... Staged Fish...
  2. Never stare at the rods,never fish the vhf radio(just cause other boats are doing fish on a certain spread,doesn't mean it'll work for you-fish your own program}. Don't believe everything you hear on the radio,a cell phone call from a buddy is different. New lures require hook sharpening,I snap if I see someone put out a lure without checking the hooks.
  3. We had 70 F water last night with gin clear vis,scaled down my spoon size to a 1/2 ounce Yeck Zipper(glo mother of pearl) with a slow retrieve. Hit 2 fish,second fish broke off on the opposite peir head(guy bottom fishing set the hook as my fish ran across his line). 22 lb buck prior to release. Close up...
  4. Thx for the update Dave,how deep is the peir head your targeting?
  5. Curious to know what pierhead tactics you guys use on Lake Michigan? We're limited to 1 rod on our pierheads on the north shore of Lake.O.
  6. Thx guys,Mike,yes I used glo powder paint. Spoon blank is a #2 Len Thompson.They have a different wobble compared to cleos. Back at it tonight:cool:
  7. Mike,I had a issue with the ZIP code(prompted to add one),being I'm in Canada,we use postal codes,thus I just typed a random code. Looking good BTW:cool:
  8. It will vary with each lake. Lake.O was very inconsistent for us this season,with lake temps all over the place. Never really developed a hot combo,as it changed frequently week after week.
  9. I use the same process as Mike mentioned. Just a FWI,everytime a hook gets a chrome plating on it,it instantly dulls the points. Take the chrome off the hook point(s) with your hone with the formentioned technique and they'll be ready to rock.
  10. We were having fun on that Sea Ray that morning :lol: cEs9hlIuOSM Running for home.............. VWZ5FH9kY7I
  11. Usually lines down by 05:30,off the water by lunchtime. The last couple days have slowed considerably,averaging 5-8 Kings in a morning. Should be back out tomorrow morning,if not,Monday for sure. Here's hoping it picks up,but when derby fishing you want one big bite,quality not quantity. H.I.H.
  12. Mike,fish was caught at 06:31 am. We're targeting the mature,out of temp fish because recently the 44 F temp fish have been teenagers(12-18 lb avg with shakers mixed in-remember we're derby fishing). With the warmer water,using meat(cut & whole bait),we'll run 2.0-2.2 mph down speed. Spoons have been producing more,but smaller fish. We see which rods fire,then adjust the program accordingly.
  13. Not much bait in that depth(100 fow),all the bait is stacked up in tight,50 fow and shallower. Been taking matures out of temp the last 3 days straight.
  14. 27.3 lb bronzed up buck prior to release(tenth place in the G.O.S.D.weekly is 29 lbs),Grabbed a whole herring off the wire diver in 62 F down temp.
  15. Well done,glad you enjoyed yourselves. Talking about big fish,take a look at the G.O.S.D. top ten weekly fish updated today..Top Ten. Their out there!!!:cool:
  16. Ended up going 26 for 30 shots this morning,was hectic at times(3 doubles & 2 triples-just 2 of us). 26.2 lbs(too small to weigh into the G.O.S.D.-tenth place this week is 27 lbs) Spoon bite early,then went to flasher/fly off the wires & riggers. Was 44 F down 60 in 130 fow. No flea's at all.
  17. I like the black edges on the purple thunder,the green thunder is a dark emerald green with black edges aswell(I doctor both of them with ladders). TIA;
  18. JLPFJeOAm7U Ended up dropping that fish,saw it several times,in the 25 lb range.
  19. After the first day of the derby,10 th place is 25.8 lbs,it appears the big fish are on the north shore currently,but we all know that will change. G.O.S.D. top 10 Daily It's obvious whoever is doing the daily updates on that page,doesn't fish(read comments under today's biggest fish).
  20. SWII,CF has been out,just keeping it quiet(G.O.S.D. starts shortly). Roho won $500 2 mondays ago with a 26.76 lb King(he knows the west end of the lake very well). Should be some tanks weighed into the G.O.S.D., unlike last year when the all time smallest King took the grand prize(33 lbs & change ).
  21. Mike,does Stinger have a green thunder blank(& purple thunder) in their lineup??? Yet to see one on their site/catalog or in tackle shops. TIA;
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