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  1. Late start this morning as we waited out the lightning show on the lake. Fly bite today,greens(T#29 A-TOM-MIK's) with green Inticers produced 90 % of our fish. 24.5 lb King Bonus BT.. Skeiner Pose T#29 in action....... All fish released.
  2. Had a quick trip out onboard a buddy's boat this morning........... The results..... Deformed.......... Same Fish... Buddy Kevin Kev again(sun in the eyes)... This girl bounced the scale between 27 & 28 lbs(released it-want a confirmed 28 lb + to make top 10 by the end of the week in the G.O.S.D.).
  3. A fishlander super glo was on fire for me the last 2 trips out,we'll see if it remains................
  4. The G.O.S.D. up here is a luck thing(IMO). You can do all your homework,be on the fish with the right presentations,wack fish all day long,and still not place in any of the top 10 weeklys. Not uncommon to see the grand prize winner being taken by someone who has never fished on the big lake before :angry2: I know guys that fish almost daily,that really know their stuff,and still never cash a cheque.
  5. Up here,those super glo spoons go for $9/each,but their taking fish.
  6. What color flasher were you using infront of it :confused:
  7. Try them behind a dodger(use the stock leader length,just beef up the line to 30 lb-touch up that stock siwash with a hone too). Produce well at times on those staged,stubborn,lock jawed,bottom hugging Kings in Aug. Their not the end all of end all lures,but some days,their the only thing that'll get them to go.
  8. Correct P1,except the grand prize leader stays on top untill that is bumped. Here's the grand prize leader so far(30.86 lbs),taken yesterday(Friday 13th).......... Pic courtesy of GrouperTrooper:
  9. Great Ontario Salmon Derby Weekly Top 10 standings: Daily Update
  10. Tekota LC 600's for riggers & divers. Super smooth retrieve & drag makes cranking in 300 ft of wire a cinch.:cool:
  11. Wire divers & wire pound balls were very consistent on the north shore of lady .O
  12. I prefer 5 ft fixed sliders,so I know where they are,and can adjust their depth with the main line.
  13. I never weighed this one last Sept,but it had very nice shoulders...........
  14. From last summer(footage courtesy of Aaron Shirley of GettingHooked).............. Download Here.
  15. I was ready for 2007 spring kings as soon as they moved into NY waters last May:cool:
  16. I have a old 35mm picture somewhere of a 42 lb King I took off a pierhead on the north shore of Lake.O from 1987. If I can find it,I'll scan it/post.
  17. You asked for it...................... Congrats GLF
  18. My bad Bob,bookmark wasn't updated,when you get the page can't be displayed...................... Thx again :good:
  19. April 8th,a chinese firedrill(5 Kings on at the same time with 3 guys on board)off Port Weller in the SW corner of lake Ontario. All fish boated,over 100 lbs combined. That will be tough for us to beat in the coming yrs.
  20. Appreciate the lowdown Bob. That's twice LOU has been hacked in the past 6 months
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