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  1. 2 for 3 Kings! Started strait out in 50' of water set lines at 4:45am and trolled North West out to 100'. 1st fish 12lb. King on 150 copper Dancing anchovy Mag spoon, 67 FOW 3.0 SOG. 2nd fish got off (scales on hook) Flounder Pounder Regular size spoon on rigger down 35' in 72 FOW 3.0 SOG. 3rd fish 13lb. King on 150 copper Dancing Anchovy Mag spoon, 87 FOW 3.0 SOG. Called it a day @ 8:30 due to waves building and unable to troll south. Both fish had the fins clipped one Male one Female with eggs.
  2. Nice Job, thanks again for the info. We are still fishing out of Holland and will be up in August hope to see you then. Yankee Crew
  3. Yes, Have you made any dicissions on Tree's ?

  4. Is this the same Mark whos inlaws are jan and terry otis??

  5. Tree's are a great addition as long as you can remove and/or rotate them. To keep costs down I built mine using galvanized electrical/mechanical tubing (not conduit) easy to weld, light weight and plenty strong enough. Created the base's using 1/4" plate 4X4 and mounting the plate to the boat and securing the tree's using pins to allow rotation and removal. The challenging part was to create the center dowel pin the correct dia. to put the tree on. Total investment $50.00, I did call in two favors for cutting and welding. I hope this helps...Yankee Crew
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