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  1. Good job! You will have a blast with the reds, they are so powerful!
  2. Congratulations Mike! Incredible site! The first site I visit every time I turn this machine on, and I'm sure others here can say the same. Thank you!
  3. It doesn't seem to be a problem catching fish as we do okay on riggers and boards and we did get bites on the dipsies. But man is it a blast to fight a big king on wire! Another question for you all: do you immediately loosen the drag on your dipsy rods when you see a fish on them, even before you take the rod out of the holder? I have done this a few times and I am not sure if it is my luck or just dumb luck (probably one in the same!), but we have lost a few fish doing it this way. Am I loosening the drag too much or not enough or what?
  4. I was watching 333tv! awesome viewing by the way. thank you everyone for your insight. we will be lengthening our leaders this year for sure! hand lining looks fun and adds an element of skill anyways!
  5. I was watching some videos of pros fishing in a tournament today and almost all of the boats in the tournament had leaders between their dipsy and flasher long enough so that they had to hand line the fish in after the dipsy was reeled up to the tip. I understand the advantage of making your leader as long as your rod, but my question is do you all think there is an advantage to longer leaders? And has anyone seen a difference in size, catches and hookup rates directly related to the length of the leader? It seems that last year we struggled with our wire dipsy bite and I am wondering if leader length had something to do with it. We were running them about 8-10 foot.
  6. Get well soon! No worries, the fish will be waiting! Battle on big guy, battle on!
  7. yup, what he said. They work great. We bought a couple extras and cut the wires off one end and siliconed them shut. We put them on when the riggers are unplugged so that the contacts don't get wet and corroded.
  8. 12# mono on Charter Specials. 8' Rapala downrigger rods. Fun stuff! Never have had a break off on the 12#. We run Big Game, it seems to be super tough. For the FF setups we use 15 or 20# Big Game or Ande.
  9. Walkers here, also. The only decent LJ product anymore is the old standby dodger (tin can). Not having to mess with the rings is a great thing. I also have noticed the deeper divers go deeper then the dipsy.
  10. 8" green spinny with crushed glow and a pickled sunshine behind it on a wire dipsy was super for us last year. Seemed like the more strands that came off the fly and the thinner it got the hotter it became. Took 2 20's off it.
  11. the Brad's cut plugs are the cat's meow. Especially behind a tin can when the sun is high in the sky. We had great success running one in the spread last year, either behind a dipsy or off a rigger. I cut herring filets to fit inside of the cavity. This year I would like to try canned tuna in them. Just am not sure how long the tuna will last once it is dragged around for a while. We also had real good hookups with the big weinie teaser in front of a bait head behind a flasher. I think sometimes fish just want to smell and see something different. herring
  12. is that rocket launcher chrome or polished aluminum? Sweet! Sell that Ranger in the corner and by some sweet stuff for that rig, cap'n!
  13. sorry John, that all came from an article in Great Lakes Angler. The owner mentioned in the article that they would be able to fill custom orders. The motor and arm stuff came from another fisherman.
  14. Vectors are being made again! Traxtech owns the rights to them now. They build them per order and will make you any length arms you want and even customize the motor for speed! They do not, although, honor the original warranties provided by Vector.
  15. Guess who's back, back again. Diesel's back, back again!

  16. Nice work! There sure are some great deals on some pretty nice rigs out there right now!!
  17. Jeezzzzzzzzz o pete's! Here we go again! Come on everyone chime in and we'll have another argument.
  18. Best tip yet! Now we just say "we'll see what happens"
  19. Don't radio fish. Rely on your waypoints and wisdom!
  20. We've ran Okuma's for years with no problems. Use Shimano Charter Specials for the rigger rods, but everything else is Convectors. 55's for full cores are awesome! We also have a 55 spooled with 450' of copper, again awesome! You will not be dissapointed if you take care of them!
  21. Life sucks, fishing doesn't. Can't we all just get along and take a little razzing? I'd like to meet you all someday and I'll bet the farm we don't all agree on what is funny and what is not! Let's fish and not worry about how much it costs us! Is that what it is all about?
  22. Nice work! Hopefully this weekend things might lay down and we can get on 'em. Thanks for the report!
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