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  1. On that note, I am working on setting up my boat for next year, I will be ok running 2 cannon mag 5's with the 2 foot booms off the side and still have enough clearance from my kicker motor right?
  2. One more question, what about getting say the 45's for the downrigger and dipsey rods, would it matter? Is going bigger better, they are the same price so just wondering
  3. Well if a 55 would be better for the core thats what I guess I would want, whats a few dollars when your spending a few thousand right....
  4. So I am working on accumulating some equipment to troll for salmon next year, currently troll for walleyes most of the summer. Thinking of starting out with 6 rods/reels. I want to get the Okuma Convectors becuase we have had the Magda's for walleye trolling for a long time now and have worked great. So I am thinking of having 2 rigger rods, 2 braid dipseys, and 2 leadcores. Question is should I get the 30's for riggers and dipseys and 45's for the leadcore? Or would you guys recomend something different. thanks!
  5. Only real thing I noticed is that they don't have any glow in the dark spoons, which I noticed alot of other companies have (not sure how big of a difference that really makes) I bought a bunch of the 4" ones so far and a few 5". Plan on probobly getting some more later in the week.
  6. So am I, thats why I was wondering how many I should stock up on if they would work.
  7. Fleet Farm has Erie Dearie Silver leaf spoons on sale for 99 cents a piece. I was wondering if anyone has fished with these or had any sucess. Also They come in "prime" which is 4" long and "magnum" which is 5" long, which size would be best for salmon trolling, etc.? Looking to stock up to start trolling lake michigan next year. Thanks!
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