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  1. I like the Off Shore boards, they seem to track better for me with full cores. I don't like my boards to release so I use rubber bands to secure them in rough water. When you reel the boards in keep your rod pointed at the board and low to keep the board from diving, and when the boord is about a rods length away lift up and the board swings right into the boat, then just snap off the rubber bands or unclip the line from the release. Using rubber bands on my boards has saved me alot of money in lost boards. If you loose one in rough seas good luck getting it back!
  2. Hello everyone. I have been fishing Lake Michigan, mostly Saugatuck, South Haven and St. Joe, for 6 years now with "okay" success. We also make occasional weekend trips to Lake Erie. We currently fish with an 18 ft. Lund fisherman so we really have to keep an eye on lake conditions, and choose our days wisely. I hope this site helps us key in on hot bites and bad weather. (Bad weather for an 18 ft. aluminum boat that is.) I am looking forward to any suggestions for improving my catch.
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