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  1. I just found that the line twisted badly if I didn't put another snap swivel on it. I ran one a couple weeks ago clean with no flasher and caught a nice king, also. But for whatever reason they were working well with spinnies Sunday. Yes r-6 foot behind the spun doctor. Also they worked best after the sun came up! Glow stuff before Sun was awesome!
  2. We caught fish on leader lengths from 4 foot to 6 foot. The biggest king came on the shortest leader and the smallest king came on the longest leader. I would suggest using a bead chain snap swivel to attach to your spin doctor. Otherwise the line twists badly! Also the single hook presentation caught the biggest king. It was a long fight (20 minutes or so) and never once did it look like he would shake it!
  3. Used them yesterday behind spin doctors and every one took a fish! I actually put herring in them just like a meat rig. We started with tuna (in oil) in them and had nothing until I switched over to the herring then both dipsies went off at the same time less then 5 minutes after I switched to herring. One with our biggest king to date!
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