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  1. I'm going to brine herring for meat rigs. Do you brine them whole then cut them into strips or brine them filleted? If it matters, I'm doing half in Fire Brine and half in borax and salt brine. Thanks in advanced.
  2. A basic question. I'm getting ready for my annual Salmon trip and ordered swivels based on the breaking pounds. I got the 44# ones. They are a lot smaller than I would have expected. What size are commonly used? Thanks.
  3. I am wanting to do this as a little experiment. A recent fishing trip has me thinking that maybe my 'non-coated' downrigger balls might have something to do with my catch rates. I've thought this the last few seasons with no real proof. This year I was fishing with a family member with an identical boat, riggers, and rods and fished in the same waters, depths, speeds, lures, and distance from riggers. The only difference being the downrigger balls. Mine are round and lead and theirs were finned and coated. Their catch rates being much better than mine. I'm probably nuts but it gives me something to do in the off season.
  4. I was interested in coating my lead downrigger balls in rubber or vinyl. Does anyone have information on any products that would be good to use? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for all the information. I'll be sure to pass it along.
  6. My father has an 18' Trophy and was toying with the idea of upgrading 2 of his manual down-riggers to electric. Any recommendations or any you would avoid?
  7. I just bought and used the Depth Raider. It worked perfect from the start. The speed and temp were solid with no radical fluctuations. My cousin installed the Fish Hawk at he same time and had problems with it everyday. There was interference from the other electronics, wide fluctuations of speed and temp, and it got worse the farther they sent it down. They're gonna try and move the transducer and wiring to see if that will help. But seeing both, Im glad I went with the Depth Raider.
  8. Thanks for the information. One more question.....what pound ball do you recommend below the probe?
  9. I just purchased the Depth Raider and have read on this site the alternate way to attach the probe to the cable using a Tru-Trac Klincher. My question is how are you guys connecting the ball to the probe. Are you using the method that comes with the DR or is there a better alternative? Thanks for the help.
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