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  1. Stinger lemon ice, craigs x-mas and carmel dolphin....hard to pick one from those three
  2. Nice catch Todd:thumb: Once you have the pics in your gallery just click on the pic that you want and when it opens you will see a box near the bottom next to BB Image Code. From there simply copy and paste the code in that box into your post where you want it. Mike made a video that you may want to check out HERE as well.
  3. Now that is what fishing is all about. Nice work Tom:thumb:
  4. When i have guys on my boat that know what they are doing I almost always run a 10 color down the chute. I would only be comfortable doing it with a tall rocket launcher though. The tip of my LC rod is probably 14-15' off of my deck and gives plenty of room. This has been my best rod in superior and in michigan with a purple plaid protroll 8" prochip pulling a big water tackle purple haze meat rig. For some reason we never pull shakers off of this rig either.
  5. Here is a PIG! Supposedly broke 30 lbs out of Fairport MI. No certified scale but a hog nonetheless!!
  6. Very nice John:thumb: We had pretty good luck there sunday morning! Got started south of Barques with a Chinese fire drill with 2 of us on the boat and landed all three weighing 23 1/2, 20 & around 15. We had one hell of a mess after they were all netted
  7. Daybreak who is a member here is a moderator for the site...try a pm to him. He is a very helpful guy!
  8. Welcome aboard GLF Nick. I wish I could help you there.....i am from munising and only target Salmon & Trout. Yoda who is a member here is a little further southeast but he may have some knowledge of the area. If he doesn't chime in try sending him a private message through this site. Best of luck!!
  9. I bet those were some happy customers baggin 3 atlantics John.....nice work:thumb:
  10. Looks like there are there Ralph here is the LSSU webcam
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