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  1. Got the chance to splash the boat this past weekend for a little shakedown cruise. Went out by myself as not to disappoint anyone if something was not working. Everything was working except my brain as i realized i forgot the net on my first bite. Ended up losing that one and on to pick up a splake on a stinger craigs x-mas that wasn't much problem getting into the boat. Shortly after that i looked back and a rigger rod was thumping.....then my 3 color down the chute starts screaming. I got my hands full and my auto pilot is not tracking very well because i am direct into the 15-20 mph wind. Finally realized i have the same fish hooked on both rods and thank god i had so many hooks in her because she was acting like a steelhead and without a net i'm sure i would have lost her. Fish came in with all 3 trebles of a stick bait in her gill plate and mouth pinned shut with a stinger purple frog. Just over 30" and scale was not working but guessing over 10 lbs. Water temps were pretty steady around 39-40 degrees all the way down. Best for me was over 90 fow 30' down. Good to be back on the water and not a bad shakedown going 2-3.
  2. Welcome aboard Dave:thumb: My days of fishing pretty much got started out of detour and used to fish the river near the power plant in the soo when the kings were heavy in there. Looking forward to any reports you may have and seeing what is swiming around those areas.
  3. Very nice....nothing like a limit on the first trip:thumb:
  4. They seem to be knocking quite a few browns out in the Marquette harbor right now....still haven't splashed the boat, but hope to this weekend.
  5. Just got one myself and got to play with it in Cabo San Lucas during 4 days of fishing. Havent had the chance to play with the editing yet, but got some really cool underwater video of marlin, tuna, rooster fish, amber jack & sierra mackerel. I will share when i can:thumb:
  6. That is one awesome little boat!!
  7. The kid is a natural Mike!! That is awesome:thumb:
  8. We have been stacking the riggers with the Scotty's stackers that easily clip on the wire. We tried this in comparison to running 4 riggers and is easier to manage while turning tight. This also helps as it freed up my probe rigger and we can play it up and down, without screwing with the rod, to find good pockets. This method can make you work very hard but always seems productive.
  9. Nice job Capt Rich......once again great report and thanks for sharing the pics:thumb:
  10. Someone did a hell of a job on those Bomber:thumb:
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