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  1. One of the best reports I have saw! I like the sizes of fish people are brining in this year. Now only if I could get out after some silver fish!
  2. Finally got my own boat up here. All set with all legal matters and ready for the water. Took her out for a quick trip to see how she runs and how slow she will troll. With just the trolling plate on the 70hp motor I was able to get her down to 1.0-1.2 no problem. Ran here for an hour and no fish on Saturday. Fast forward to today. The big flag at the marina looked good and a light chop on the water. Launched the boat and started heading out and it wasn't bad. Got close to my destination and it was a little heavier chop, but not bad. Only set two lines and quickly learned it is harder to do so while controlling the boat on your own. About 30 minutes after getting setup I realized a fog was setting in and the waves were getting larger. Turned to look at the port side board and it was falling back quick. Got on the reel while steering the boat and netted a 22-23" walleye. Put the fish in the box. Looked up and I could not see a thing. Lesson #1....take your GPS (which I did). I decided to head back in since conditions were getting worse. It was a good learning experience and made me realize to always take the GPS!
  3. Where do you fish cmarfia? Get as much info from the fish as you can. Certain ports will have creel clerks and you can always give the heads to them as well.
  4. Went 3-7 last night. Finally got the boat to slow down (bucket). Lost a large fish that I believe was a catfish. Lost a few fish before we could get the boards off the line. The 3 we landed were walleye between 20-24". We had luck on pink, brass, and green last night.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys. The learning curve is getting better. We went 3-7 tonight. Lost a monster of a fish. Thinking it was a channel cat. Could hardly move it and it was pulling pretty good. Got the last fish on a harness I tied today (red blade/brass back and brass beads).
  6. I fished the last few nights on the bay. (I am brand new to walleye) We were running harnesses and only got 1 eye in two nights. I believe we could not get the boat slow enough. I know there are guys that are getting limits at night and a few in the morning. Pink and plain brass blades are doing well.
  7. We fished the last to nights on Thunder Bay with harnesses to the north. One eye last night and lost another. Still have a lot to learn.
  8. Hello all, Brand new to the site and looking to learn and hopefully share in the future. I have surf, pier, and fished in boats on the Great Lakes. I own a 17' Mirrocraft which I am always adding on to for fishing the big lakes. I enjoy fishing Manistee, Frankfort, and the GT Bays. I just moved to Alpena and learning walleye in Thunder Bay. Redneckman
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