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  1. No i do not get up to de Noc.. fishing out my back door is quite nice, saves a little $$ in gas, the landing is literally 10 minutes from my house.
  2. Nailer, if you send the file i'd use it!! I love sunset pix!!
  3. This hits close to home for me!! The fish out of the Fox are numerous and often huge, but it is recommended to limit our meals to one fish every two months, kinda takes the wind out of the sail when it comes to keeping fish from the river. This recommendation extends to the Bay as well. Right now lower Green bay is hotter than ever for walleyes but the health benefits of eating the fish are outweighed by the toxins in the river that get into the fish through bioaccumulation. I hope to be around when they change the recommendations and deem the fish safe to eat. Catch and release is dandy, but I do like to eat fish. It will be nice eating them without that impending feeling of uncertainty if I should be eating the fish I catch.
  4. sweet!! two guesses what my wall paper is now, one of them is not Bret Farve
  5. tip for the day, freeeze the remains in a paper bag(s) then put them out on garbage day, no stink, garbage man is easy to deal with, I don't live with him. The wife on the other hand.......
  6. I forsee a palque with some horns for the wall too!! Sweet!!
  7. Happy huntesr are the ones that harvest a deer...congrats, bow huntin is huntin the way hutin was intended to be....
  8. Come oooonnnn ICE! It's just a deer season away......
  9. Seriously considering the change myself...you been out and asked a farmer if you can hunt his land lately? Let’s’s see if I can sum it up: While driving to someplace unimportant to this story, I noticed a good looking piece of land. I thought to myself “ … this looks like a great place to hunt deer. “I paused at the roadside admiring the farm and decided I needed to stick my neck out and ask the landowner if I can hunt the farm. I drove around the parcel and found what appeared to be the main farm. I was in luck, the farmer was cleaning out the manure chutes. I drove into the driveway, parked the truck and approached the farmer who was eyeing me the entire way. I introduced myself shaking his callous hand, made some small talk. I explained that I am new to the area and was looking for a place to hunt. I proceeded to offer my services to cut fire wood, fence repair, barn cleaning or whatever odd job that might gain me access to the property. The farmer looked at me and said “Son, I wish I could offer you a place to hunt, but today every one is a good neighbor until it comes to deer. You can perten-near do anything you want on my land or my neighbors land for that fact but you shoot one of his deer and I have to live with it. My kids never come round much but they hunt and I promised I’d let them hunt on this farm as long as I owned it. I trust you’re a good man and willing to do the things you say, but blood and neighbors….well…. they were here first and I just can’t let you hunt this land for fear they’ll be mad at me for it†Good thing about the pond, it’s all public domain. One 100 lb deer will yield about 30 lbs of meat, how many salmon does it take to reach the same weight? I may have to reconsider my priorities….
  10. And I’m expected to spray down my boat with bleach while ballast water......
  11. through the home page then click new posts
  12. Sweet!!..didja get dat cat up in Oconto Co? There's a few cat roaming round there. Last year I cut three tracks doing a survey in the NW part of the Co in the National Forest. Fisher population seems to have subsided over the last few years. It may rebound.
  13. a staple on Lake Superior......they need to be 27 inches on the big pond, they fight like a spastic , i had one that once i turned the head into the hole, it literally jumped straight out onto the ice... now i live near a brood stream....this might be an interseting season, if i don't get too caught up on wallies again...
  14. Phishy


    growth hormone free, lean, tender protein, I know what deer eat, can't get much more free range than that.......I'd rather eat a deer than a cow, the last deer i met was delicious congrats on the shot!!
  15. I plan to try for some browns and steelies off a few harbors this ice season,I saved some spawn from a few kings for just that purpose... kinda hard to troll though I used to bob for lakers on Lake Superior over 150 fow with braid and 1-2oz beetle jigs, now that my friend... was fun, nothing like a 10 lb laker slamming into your jig almost ripping it out of you hands,
  16. Open water whitefish?? I thought this was an ice thing.....
  17. throw everything into a bucket, my plugs don't seem to get all jumbled up, but man the hooks are a nightmare.. (couldn't help myself) actually pipe insualtion work wonders for keeping hooks tangle free, i use this for spinner rigs and flys as well.
  18. I finally came to terms with it...the season of trolling is over....I've been meaning to get out one more time but it just never happened, October brought torrents of rain and fierce east winds, my tiny ship isn’t meant for that type of abusive weather. No matter how hard I tried not, I had to endured an envious burning at every boat I saw; it seemed I always had to work on the “good daysâ€. Someday I’ll have a boat that can endure the elements better than my tiny ship. I ran through the winterizing process last weekend, flushed the motor, fogged the cylinders, pulled the batteries, etc. I then wrapped her in a snug plastic blanket to keep the bird excrement off her during the winter storage in a friend’s barn,hauled her away for the season and put her to sleep. I then loaded the ice shack which had been in storage into the back of the truck. When I got back home I needed to make room for the shack so I went through my gear and organized it into totes. I left things like the fluro-carbon line, beads and hooks close at hand for the times when I just get the itch and need to tie some rigs, heck I may even start tying some flies, "hmmm now there an idea" , as I went through the gear, I realized I have some 30 spinner rigs left over from last year, perhaps I need to expand my hook tying skills to the tinsel variety. I’ve been meaning to toy with tape and spoons as well. As I went through the gear I realized I really need to figure a way to add a couple more rod holders to the downrigger layout and there are a couple loose eyes on a rod or two that I’ve been ignoring for the most of a season, I thought to myself "perhaps I should fix them as well". I sulked over the gear and remembered those rods and reels that I ran across a couple at a garage sale, so now how am I going to utilize them in the spread? I’m going to have to get on eBay and find a couple more reels. It’s a good thing the season has ended; I got tons of things to get done before next season. Hopefully ice fishin’ doesn’t get in the way.
  19. Corn fuel and wind power...the cost isn't just in producing it, there's the hidden cost...when you grow corn in a field that was CRP it takes away from nesting cover for many birds, including waterfowl, it also drives up the cost of corn in the long run which translates to higher food cost. It takes more fuel to make less fuel….huh? One of those windmills cost more than my house, to me that's not spending $$ to save $$, that's spending $$ to make $$, looks to good the consumer but somebody is making a fortune on a short term solution. Maintaining these things is going to be horrible a few years down the road. The Alaskan pipeline is already in dire need of maintenance and suddenly there’s no $$ to maintain them…so where did the profit from the pipelines go? I can guess it’s not the consumer. I don’t know what the solution is, but there seems to be a knee jerk reaction to a problem that needs a long term solution. We need power and a way to generate it, but without the major greed element. To me the one thing that is constant is solar, but that needs major improvements as well. The good thing - no one has figured a way to stop the sun from shining, but not all places have ample sun. There are major strides being made in the efficiency of solar panels. Let’s hope the greedy don’t find a way to make them unobtainable for the everyday consumer.
  20. Really, i need to reset my priorities....I need fish more..until then I will live vicariously
  21. removing the skin...now that depends, for whitefish ( i catch dem through the ice on the bay) i leave the skin on and eat it, for salmon, if it is a small coho, i'll eat it, a big king i remove it before cooking, that fat is where the PCB and Mercry are hiding. the older the fish the more toxins accumlate, so if you are worried about the fish eating advisories, don't eat the skin and dark fat. i like the dark fat (blood line?) on smaller fish and whitefish, this isn't the cholestral laddened fat of beef, it is much better for you and taste yummy in my opinion, then again i leave the head on large fish and purposely cook it for the cheeks and collars
  22. I just realized your Baou Blast is the same i stole for a blackening recipie
  23. the wosrt grilled salmon I ever had was still better than a hotdog. it was the steak i dropped in the sand I rinsed it off and ate it any way
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