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  1. i run 45lb copper you can run copper and lead core same side, just run the lead core (shallow stuff) outside the deep stuff (copper) my deepest lead core will be a 6 color, which i feel comfrtable running a 150' copper inside of.... i have a 100' copper which i would not run next to the 6 or 5 color lc, but would run a 4 color lc with confidence, but dipsies add another demension on a shallow dispy i will not run out more line out on the counter than my closest board... ie 150' loc on a 300' copper , then max shallow dipsie will run out 125 loc , 3 setting w/ a ring...I'm leary of a surface busting rainbow tangling my nearest inside board, it's amazing how they seem to shoot up SAH-mack dab into the inside board deep wire dispy w/ standard ring, 1 1/2 setting...i never seem to have any issues a long as i keep my riggers deeper or way shallower
  2. great day program...adds a fish or two or more.....kewaunee, WI
  3. from what i have read...30 lb seven strand wire , size 1 luhr jensens w/ a standard ring, set at 1 1/2....pretty much the same...but they start to flatten out around 150' loc ...more like 65 down...till around 200' loc you're at 80ish, after that, not much difference, but at least you're away from the boat further
  4. steelhead .... the gateway fish to a hardcore fishing and fishing addiction......
  5. before the accident i rigged the boat as below i got to use it once and i loved it!! since then i have added another rod holder to the pedastal for a double, i can fit three rods in the tree, one straight up and two off the side, thing only thing i wish i woulda done was a bit more verticle with the tree even though i'll probably typically run 9, I am confident i can run 12 lines easily, plus i have options if it is a dispy bite, i can pull a board and run another dipsy. or vice versa if a board bite is hot
  6. Perhaps some of ya might recall me.....last time I was here I had a little boat, well in bitter sweet fashion I up graded...here's why... the boat got t boned near Crandon WI coming back from a camping weekend, so I live vicariously on other people's boat locally and I gotta tell ya, I learned a lot, copper lines, torpedo divers, and so much more...so it was bitter sweet, no boat for the summer, but alas we bought another last late summer. I'm in the process of rigging it...got some custom trees, dipsy holder, auto pilot, etc... I'm stoked to fish out of my boat this year....as fun as it is fishing out of other peoples boats, there’s nothing like being the captain….
  7. If you don't screw up once in a while, then you’re not accomplishing anything either
  8. bann it?? NO!.. it is part of the sport, to know that that fish was alive, to know you killed it, and to see, smell feel … it is all part of the experience, BUT!!! Respect it it is a living creature, harvested with skill, harvested from passion, to be eaten , shared with friends, even to brag to glorify the blood sport is not right either, I detest blatant overly bloody gill shots, yet admire fish being cleaned, I love a cooler full of fish, bloody or not, scales, slime and stench…that’s the fishing experience…a full cooler of bloody fish…Who wouldn’t be proud? But Respect it!! funny thing , if a fish is posted with flasher fly/spoon hanging from its mouth…likely it has been cleaned of blood, is that out of respect for the fish or to make a sale?? I say blood is part of the sport a good picture is of a limit on a meat pole; all crooked and pale from ice and death, a good picture is a bloody cooler, A lousy picture is one that without thought of how to give respect to the fish or create shock, to create detest, to make a squeamish person cringe, to belligerently try and make a person unfamiliar with the excitement… uncomfortable but a great picture is a shiny fish still full of life color, fresh from the lake, with a great smile, joy…maybe a little bloody stream, but respectful. Too much blood is wrong and too little is fear…….but it is up to the individual how they want to portray their kill….. ….I wouldn’t be here if this “subject†was censored out of fear or if it lacked respect …
  9. buddy has/had a boat w/ similar sized engines, new plugs, new wires, cap and reset the timing fixed the issue...she probaly just needs a tune up is all, after he tuned both they purred like new
  10. hobbies are for those with time on their hands and looking for something to do...I don't have time for hobbies welcome to the obesssion....
  11. dares a few of us westsiders around,
  12. There's nothing better than a kid getting a trophy through the ice!!
  13. But we both know it’s about more than just putting fish in the freezer once we (the wife and i) get things settled in to our new home location, things will fall into place I’ll have that ice transportation, then I won't whine so much:grin: failure is not an option, but I'm sure I’ll figure out something else to complain about:lol: for now i'll have to find those places close to shore and make do, i may even have to make a 1/2 mile trek once in a while, he!! the excerise would do me good,
  14. Sounds like a great idea!! hopefully i am able to view the airings when they come out cuz i wuill definitely watch!1
  15. Please allow me to whine, I’m really quiet good at it… Just curious…how many of you ice fishing enthusiasts own an ATV or snowmobile? And does this bring in much more satisfaction to your fishing experience? What if you had to walk across the ice to your fishing areas? ½ mile? 1 mile? Who would be willing to fish these places if you did not have this transportation? I love to ice fish, but I am limited to how far I can walk with all my gear until the ice is thick enough to drive on. This year we have a giant ice heave all around the bay on the shoreline that is closest to me, and it probably will limit driving vehicles on the ice, it is frustrating to be sitting on the ice and drilling a million holes in an area and not catch anything…don’t equate wishing for spring and having cabin fever with not necessarily liking the winter, but rather it might be frustration with the limitations set before us. With that I have put 17 whitefish on the ice in the past two days, I’d like to try and find walleyes, but I can’t get to the structures I want to fish for them… Somebody get me a whaaa-mbulance sooo…. come on spring!!
  16. Kewaunee harbor is palce to go for steeliies and brownies on dis side... but I have to muster up the time and ambiton to go on a 45 minute drive to try...i'm in whitefish mood right now (sent a buddy home with 10 today)...den dares somtin bout eyes that i need to address.....too many choices close to home ice tends to numb the urges for open water
  17. Now's also a good time to do a little scountin for deer...motovation is sometimes the issue though, that's typically the real reason for cabin fever when you come right down to it....I find myself a victim on many occasions.. . with cabin fever i never day dream of warm weather, sun burns and sand flies....
  18. ended up 7 whitefish in three hours of fishing time...by the time i got done with bait and finding a place to fil the propane tank then drive to the access....12:30pm line in the water...first fish at 12:31...then steady action for two hours, quite a few fish cruising through and tapping the bait lightly... still ain't trolling..i'd be happier if i could figure out the walleyes through the ice, kinda tough without ice transportation.... better than sitting in the house.... come on spring!!
  19. ouch!! makes me feel better about my little boat.....fewer headaches...
  20. Winter blahs!! Cold and 30 mph wind kept me off the lake yesterday, so I went to hardware store and bought the ingredients to make modify my planer boards with strike indicator tattle flags, I then changed the line on my ice rigs and realized I should fix a couple of broken bail springs next thing I know I have crap all over the place I even contemplated on sorting through gear that I should part with, but couldn’t come to a conclusion to what I should get rid of, so I started another bucket of gear, one for inland and one for the big pond… the wind has stopped and the temp is on the rise to a balmy 5*F so i have to get off this computer and head out to see what i can scare up on the ice
  21. I tend to work over a piece of structure when fishing inland...I'll drill a ton of holes along a break line for walleyes or scatter over the deep water basin for Crappies. If after fishing all the holes, typically 12- 20 of them, I keep moving along the structure till I find fish, but I will sit and wait for the walleyes to make their move to feed at dusk, I start deep and move up the drop/hump as the sunsets I have a portable shack that pulls easily, but I do not have an ATV or snowmobile to move long distances to a different piece of structure, so I don't run and gun in the traditional sense Now on the big lake, I do similar in that I cover an area with holes, but if I’m not catching anything, I have made a move buy packing up and driving overland a few miles to the next likely spot, and again cover the area If I had an ATV, I think I would be more inclined to run and gun
  22. Now that's the way to end a season!! Good job!
  23. good dog!! very good dog!!!
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