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  1. That's tough!! i like the blue one, but i might feel the same if the oval logo was blue as well ??
  2. Phishy


    knot wars cabin fever is really getting to me. I dreamt last night I went out fishing but didn't have any releases for the down riggers so i tied slip knots with eight # mono to the rigger cables.
  3. Found a cool site on tying knots and thought i'd share http://www.animatedknots.com/palomar/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com
  4. more fuel for the fire!! thanx, Jaymers
  5. Middle of the state, Steven Point Area
  6. As far as a hand held Garmin Map76S is hard to beat about $300 maybe less. the 76SC is color and shows contours really well if you load charts and stuff on to it. the 76SCx has memory card capapbilites. All are WASS capable. I have 76SC and use it for hunting, but this is all handheld stuff which you might not be looking into. MY 2 cents
  7. Good stuff!! I can relate to the waves sneaking up on one. Been there!! done that!! Once I had to pound through five footers in a fourteen foot with a 9.9 tiller. The dog that was with us was scared pertty bad, nothing to say the least about myself. The life jacket went on that day, we hugged near the shore, fornutealy we were near shore!! I think I found a new radio and antenna a little over 100. Been doing some onl;ine rearch and a lot of the same names that have been mentioned with in this site keep coming up. Now i just need to get paid this week and i can go buy it!! Flares are next! If i have to forgoe some other equipment so be it. Thanx, Jaymers
  8. From what i recall in my early years, I didn't think it made much of a difference, I'm watching ebay things and seen some good deals slipp past, I can only buy so much at a time and if color dosen't really seem to impede or enhance catching, then it opens the window on ebay. I'm getting the picture glow is the ticket, i may look into glow rings, couldn't hurt and it might help pull a phish into the spread. Thanx!! Jaymers
  9. Thanx for the info!! I've been cruising sites for radios and figure $100 or so can get me what I'd need for a radio. Any preference over antenne type, fiberglass vs. metal whip? I dropped the price bomb on the wifey and i got that look She questioned why a cell phone wouldn't work. I expalined how signals might not be reliable, then all i heard was BLAH BLAH BLAH, something about money, blah blah blah ......
  10. what about your dipsy? I suppose....Chrome!!
  11. My boat is small, 16' Lund Explorer, I don't have a radio, But do have a cell phone. So I have two questions? One, how good is the signal for a cell phone out on the big Lakes? Second, do you carry flares/smoke? Brand? Ever have to use them? Any other signal devices? ( I know that's more than two questions )
  12. Any one toy with different color dipsies? Snubbers? color and length? If so, for you what seems to be the safest all around starting point? Do you switch colors during the day as conditions change?? I'm looking into setting my boat up and with limited funds this year, I am probably only going to be able to rig up two, maybe four, particualrily since I still need to get a lot of other stuff. (Flashers, line, Balls another reel, etc) Along that same lines what about ball color and shape i.e. ball vs. fish shaped vs. torpedo vs. whatever else is out there. Any tape on the fins? I won;t be able to cover all the possibilites this year, but would like to be able to set up with a good soild core of gear. Thanx, Jaymers
  13. Dratt! I figured somebody ask!! I wish I could say we slayed them but, we didn't even have a bite. We were so anxious just to get the boat out on the water. The ice had been bad for over a week, preventing us from fishing. We were starting to go into withdrawls and figured since it was predicted for the day to be fairly warm, we got up early and launched the boat. Although we had to break skim ice near the shore, we could see open water just out a ways. we trolled some but had issues with frozen guides, so the verticle jigging thing came up i believe this thread has been offically highjacked
  14. crazy is what crazy does... I was up nort for a long period of my life, Ashland Wi, for those not familar you may say we were almost Canadian, living on Lake Superior, brutally long winters. to speed up the story i found myself in a little 14 footer on lake Superior in early april, during ice break up. There was still pack ice floating around. We decided to head over to the ice and drift with it and verticle jig. great idea but bad planning, after a few hours of fishing we noticed it looked like an awful lot of ice between us and the landing. so we decided it best to pull and get out, unfornatly we did not think of this notion a tad bit ealier. Picture me sitting on the bow with an oar pushing huge sheets of crushing ice away from the bow while my partner slowly motored through the pack ice..... for hours......In like the all day kinda thing..... we never made it back to the landing, we had to shore at a river mouth about ten miles from our original launch, fornately there was a small landing used by duck hunters. my partner hoofed it to the main highway, two miles and hitch hiked to the truck and trailer. UFF DA!! like i said... crazy is what crazy does
  15. and I'm barely able to keep my thoughts on the immediate. I keep drifting off into day dreams of fishing on the pond. It doesn’t help that I recently purchased and received a copy of Keatings book, "...on Kings.†After reading the first few chapters on seasonal locations, I have come to the conclusion that fishing is........ well........?? fishing. The same principles hold true whether the species is walleye or salmon, it's just on a grander scale, structure is structure, temperature is temperature. The key lies in recognizing why you are catching fish and being able to duplicate that “situationâ€. Being cognitive of drops, turns, currents, bait, (especially bait), whatever the recipe was that led you to catching a fish, is fundamental in any type of fishing, and what separates the good fisherman from the excellent fisherman is that knowledge and being able to duplicate. Keating’s book is helping to transform my base of fishing knowledge and become more in tune to salmon, more specifically kings. One doesn’t fish for bass the same way they would for walleyes, even though they may live in the same body of water. Yet each species still adheres to the same basic principles. They have adapted to their nitch and to be successful one has to know what that nitch is. The same holds true for the Great Lakes. Salmon will act accordingly to their needs and their pelagic life style. I believe when I was growing up on the Great Lakes, my fishing mentor never was a great fisherman. With the lakes being bigger, it is more difficult to recognize why success or failure is occurring. He never got past the notion that it’s just a matter of pulling lines and lures through the water. I now realize it’s about ….well…… ennui of repetition……structure, temperature, current, bait………………..just like all fishing. It also doesn’t help I’ve been perusing online stores looking at gear. Then I find the deal the century on rod holders on eBay. Four aluminum holders now are sitting in my kitchen. I am so longing to take the boat out of its icy tomb, resurrect it to life and start tinkering with a layout for my spread. Should I put the downriggers here and the holders here, how am I going to attach this to that etc, etc. Additionally I soooooo want to go to sport shop with the gift cards I got from Christmas and run about the place like a giddy child. “One of these please, and two of these, and OH!! look… I NEEEEED!!! that …..†I suspect many other people are starting to feel the tug of the Great Lakes.
  16. sounds like a case of great customer No service
  17. Thanx, I've been looking into finding Keating/Porter book as it has been mentioned repeatedly here.
  18. MMMM....smoked turkey, yummy.... For me the brine is jist a way to add salt, what i do is use kosher salt in a bucket of water, use a raw egg (still in the shell, kinda messy udder wise) as a gage of how salty you want the water. I keep adding salt and stirring the water until the egg floats in a nuetral bouancy, bout half way, some like it just floating off the bottom other a hard float, soak the bird over night and smoke the next day
  19. ummm.....yeah.... name....dough!! I go by James or Jamyers
  20. Been a while since i was in the game, but i do know some ting or da udder... anyway my question... I inherited a sizable stash of older tackle, a ton of North Ports, and small flutters. With the rage of magnum spoons, are most folks running their spoons naked? we used to run flasher/ flutter combos, is this a thing of the past? Am i just daft? Chime in with any other comments, please.
  21. Well I've been lurking here off and on for past few days and thought i oughta be polite and introduce myself. I'm not a strnager to the forum world and have taken a liking to this site, good info, i haven't seen any of the nasties that sometime occurs at other sites, my kudos to the mods and pro staff!! I'm becoming reaquainted with the GL fishing world. I grew up on the pond down by the Root in Racine, fished on the boat, pier (I preferred south pier) and the river. for river fishing I liked Pikes at the Golf course in Kenosha better water as in no shopping carts or car tires in the stream and fewer crowds, although have heard that has changed. I went away to college to God's country, Ashland Wi, on the big pond, Lake Superior were i was infected with the ice bug....bobbing for Lakers in 100' water on 6 inches of ice with two foot rod, no stretch line, large airplane jigs tipped with herring belly. Talk about fishing extreme, when one of those mud puppies would hitWHAM!! they'd nearly rip the rod out of your hand, Den I moved again, fell in love all over.... with 'eyes dis time, just can't seem to shake the 'eye infection, gets in your blood something terrible So guess what? i move again, now i live in central WI on the WI River, still have 'eyes, but the pressure is sum-ting awful, come mid july the flies are hidious, water skiers, jet skis, inner tubes, bikinis and eye candy (okay i like that part) everywhere...so i gets to tinking, why??? i'm like.... only an hour and half from Two Rivers, got a boat, although only 16 foot, she'll do....hhmmmmmmmm...next ting you know, I've been scabbing together gear. The family's selling the big boat, I inherited some rods and reels, a tangeled box of "vintage" lures, found a net at a garage sale, couple more rods and such, looking at buying some rod holders online (found a good deal from info on this site), next ting you know i'm at this site and a few others gleeming a bunch of info and suddenly laying awake at night thinking of set ups, what i need to purchase yet and trying to come up with a name for the boat ( I think it's scareligious to fish the pond without a naming the vessel) So dues me a favor and accept my offer of greetings and tell me to stopp yacking!! HI! Enjoy some pix!! (Images are clickable) Me about 30 lbs lighter, ten years younger and a lot longer hair
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