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  1. loosen that drag a touch, then pull the dipsy out!! other than that ....NICE!!!
  2. do you have real time feed while filming?? it be interesting to see an induced bite by speeding up then doing a neutral drop..... today...maybe yesterday... might have been two days ago, ...does it matter... i was dropping and raising lines on riggers, letting line out and reeling them in on boards...mind you only ten feet at a crack, but i finally got a fish to eat off a high line....I reeled in a bunch of line, no more than turned around....bing......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ "FISH ON!! HIGH BOARD!! HIGH BOARD!! I know it was because i had "toyed" with the line, but doing it blind can be a lot of work.. then again i have a funky little dance that works at times too...
  3. ive seen a few videos of at the ball action and what i am finding curious is how many time the fish miss...it seems if you are going to slow they loose interest ans swim around the bait, but dial it up a notch and they light up....as long as your lures are running right i don't think you can go too fast, particularly this time of the year with the warm water and bait in that warm water nice vid!! keep all the camera angles....
  4. as early as possible...i call it stupid early....at the launch at 330AM...if you're docked....bonus....last time at 4AM we missed some of the early bite...one line in...setting second line...FISH FISH !! which then got it the way of setting lines...and we missed a bite or two i'm sure cause of it... stupid early ...what does 30 minutes matter for sleep when you're talking 330AM vs 4AM, if could get away with it, i'd just go out the night before and fish all night this time of the year,
  5. my best yells.. RIGGER RIGGER RIGGER!!! DIVER DIVER DIVER!! TOP BOARD TOP BOARD TOP BOARD. and last when i have a loss for words, not sure how to describe the location... FISH! FISH!! FISH!! then half way through the tripp all i have to do is start on fishy fishy fishy...for a fish call to get the bite going...and get some reactions to boot
  6. Phishy


    I've gotten a rep for being able to untangle lines and keep fish on...had a big king (25 lb) last year that i managed to untangle from three lines...it buried the board, ripped out 600' of line, crossed a high board, found a dipsy, then lastly found the middle rigger, hooked in a manner (side jaw buried spoon) that it was death rolling...guy reeling in the fish loved every minute of it, hooting and hollering with every run, and every time i managed to untangle the lines, we didn't loose a single bait and was able to uni knot the high board back together, not a line lost.... I love it when chaos ensues and it ends well...just keep talking to the person reeling in the fish in a calm manner and be gentle, 6 inches at a time is a good thing...trust me... i wicked tuna-ed a fish this year on a five color....bow hooked in the anal fin.... dragged it in backwards on a 45 degree angle...3 inches at a time sat on the stern with e rod in the holder and wrenched it in by grabbing the line and cranking inch by inch.... funny how some of the most remembered fish aren;t necessarily the biggest
  7. Phishy


    picked up a nice laker last week, biggest i got in a few years... certifiable eye and handheld scale put it at 16 ish... now the fish is great but the story to go with it is even better.... 3 color lc fired with a nice bow...hoots and hollers, fish jumping all over, line peeling good fish, took the board under a couple times and bout the time we made head way , "FISH!! FISH!! FISH!! INSIDE BOARD!! we had ourselves a double, but wouldn't you know it, this fish also decided it was gonna take down the board, right about the same time both boards were next to each other.... this and that later, it was evident that both lines were crossed, so only one thing to do pull and reel in tandem....i could see the bow spinning behind the inside board, it was obviously gonna be a big mess.... bag in the water,w/ both bow and board ... on the deck, not sure how we did it but fish out of the bag, board off the line , cutting lure from the super braid, untie a knot, untwist, this and that later...freed line and fish still on, more hoots and hollers, this fish just would not come up, digging hard, we had no idea waht it even was and when it finally did.... jumping up and down more hooting!!...in the bag!!! What a mess and what a great fish!!
  8. thanx for the thread!! i lost two dipsies and F/F rigs this year and couldn't figure out why... i'm assuming the same holds true for super lines as well, minus the curly pig tail line thingy
  9. K'waunee mostly, went out of T'rivers this morning, experienced a little lock jaw at first light and still manged 6 for 7 fish after 7am....two man crew, without an early bite?? normally it'd be a skunk or a couple fish day...it's just crazy!
  10. So it turns out the entire lake is just on fire right now...well that's good to hear!! i hope it lasts, but i wonder how we will pay for it in Aug ?
  11. I haven't been on in a long time (again...) but a discussion came up with a fellow fisherman and i did not have the answer, so i am bring it i here since this board is mostly MI based and the question pertains to MI fishing.. Have you MI guys been having the same crazy bite we have been ion the WI side, I mean charters are limiting in a couple hours or less, it has become the norm to get a limit or you are doing something very fundamentally wrong, i have not seen a fishery like this since the late 70's... back when bait was plentiful and fish were huge, but how long can it last?? thanx!! PS I hope you guys are slamming like we are on this side
  12. get some bead chains to help with line twist when running paddles on a swr.....just a little tidbit...i hate line twist, in certain conditions, like fleas or algae, a normal ball bearing swivel might clog up, the line will twist then break...good bye paddle and fly......sucking sound from wallet I think you can never have too many swivel points on a deep paddle
  13. go to a recycle center that sells seconds.....i bought a 20' section of alum tubing inside dia 1.75 inch outside dia 2.0 inch for $20..... then I searched around and found a welder that would work on the side for beer and fish..in the end, i got my trees AND cannons for under $125 (after hardware, and misc), bonus, I made a good friend and drank a couple brews......
  14. get your education, if you are really serious you will need to know how to run a business and keep this in mind ...my grandfather, a very wise man, once told me to keep my passion separate from my career, but keep it a close second.
  15. Phishy


    looks great!! nice job. i think i just found my new smoker, i have a brinkmann that i modified for better heat control, i have gotten really good at using it,3-4 hours at 175 -200 with charcoal and apple wood chunks but it is too small, i can only fit one turkey, or one large king, not enough room to do sausage or more than one thing at a time. thanx for the link
  16. I'm gonna hafta replace my steering cable as well, and was wondering the same..thanx for the thread
  17. dont tell the wife i just ordered four 4 oz....
  18. got it!! now in the bigger picture with dipsies and riggers, i now see how db will help get a couple more lines dialed into the hot zone particularly if that zone is deep Mom was right, i will be using the science of mathematics all my life, that’s all this is, geometry on the fly
  19. good thread!! I think one of the biggest challenge we face as fiherman is getting a lot of lines into that deep zone when the fish are deep. These dive bombe sound like another tool to dial into a specific bite so to recap mainly for my purpose and perhaps others, what i gleemed form this i'll gain 5-7 feet extra depth per ounce so a 4oz will add 20'-28' of depth, a 3oz = 15'-21' and a a 5 oz = 25'-35' , etc if you are goping to run multiple db , place them in the same spot on the line i.e if you addding a db to a 5 color and attach the weight at 2.5 color, on the next inside rod let out 2.5 colors, add the weight and pay out the reaminder of the line, and repeat for a third line. would it also make sense then to user lighter wieghts on the oustide and heavier inside to gain a greater seperation?? which is still defeating the purpose of dialing into a single zone with the boards but to run on the same side from out to in: 6 clr w/ 6 oz at 3 clr, 8 clr w/ 5 oz at 4 clr 10 clr w/ 4 oz. at 5 clr I would end up w/a ball of lead core/copper? I'd be in the same zone all across now i gt all sorts of numbers running through my head, but i can see how one could really dial in mulitble boards as long as you keep them apart, as in other side of the boat or the same high outside and deep inside as naked copper
  20. the following just happened 2 minutes ago... Me “Honey, come here, check this out!!†Her, “What?!†Me “come here!!†Her “Uggh!†she stammers over…She watches the video but not with nearly with the same enthusiasms I am holding back Me “what you think? Wasn’t that the coolest stinger knot you ever saw?†Her “yeah†as she stammers back to the living room I guess she doesn’t realize just how much money this is going to save us. Thanx !! I now have something to do in the basement again!! I can’t wait to go buy the materials and get started…and it is so simple really PS I’m easily entertained as long as it pertains to fishing in some manner.
  21. i think my next boat will be a sabre (crestliner) or an islander (starcraft).....both similar boats
  22. dont be afraid of long leads either... last year i ran a 11' pearl paddle with a 54" leader and chapmenge fly with gold beads, we tied on the fly after a cold front passed, skys cleared and the wind got a little brisk...fish turned off. it was already a little slow, but it really got slow after the front passed, so we decided to go out of the box... we traced the bottom in 100 fow with a rigger, i bumped bottom then raised a little, bumped bottom again, and figured we had about 10' blow back, so i proceeded to work the rigger and keep it as close to the bottom as comfort would allow....first time it went off we thought we were dragging bottom, it turned out to be a chunky rainbow...yes 100 feet down in 100 feet of water...second time it went off it was a chunky coho.....go figure, those were the last two fish of the trip at the last hour...bonus fish I heard that the capt kept that flasher fly combo wrapped up in stroage and was deployed in the same tracing manner whenever the bite slowed, and it ussually caught fish... my point, when things are snapping short leads will work, but when it slows go long and deep... learn to tie a snell and adjust leader lengths on the fly if you need
  23. Marco Island...my favorite place on earth to fish ..other than Kewaunee... i heard Sean Black (Say What charters) just sold his boat, (not sure) and is out of the business, too bad, i think he was one of best capt at the Rose Marina on Bald Eagle ..but i think he was a little burned out.. Wiess guy comes recommended, Never used six chuters, Miss Louise, i fished with them once and can't really comment if it was good or bad, we had rough seas, 6 footers. gear was little iffy, what kinda fish you after?? that is where the real quest begins, offshore any capt can go out and hammer the spanish makcs in late march/ early april, but cobia are a little more difficult, snappers are always a good bet, sharks?? near shore should be hot this year, they've hadd really good weather and if the water clarity is good try off the Naples peir for popmano/ easy to fish and great to eat..the pier is free too, no liscense needed I'll likely be down there at the same time, I'll be at the pier most days by the concession stand jigging for pomps, i'll be the big guy in the green bay hat if you happen to stop by....
  24. my last line purchase was 45# copper and a ton of braid, i went with the 45# copper vs 32# solely based upon the fact that i already have a ton of lead. my lead will fish the upper column and will use the 45# to strain the middle and lower columns. this was strictly an economic move, overtime i will likely replace my shallow boards with 32# copper as i replace the lead core. if you want to use the 32# copper to get down deeper, attach a 4-6 oz snap weight or a torpedo diver above the copper and pay out line .... refer to a dive chart to figure out how much line and weight for what depth... keep in mind a weight will absorb most of the lure surge in rough water in the end if you have limited rods/reels, 32# copper with weights is a good compromise to maximize options and adapt with the changing daylight
  25. You don't know how lucky you are w/ that boat. Until just recently, I fished out of a 2001 16.5 foot Lund Explorer SS; go check out gunnels on that raft....shallow draft, shallow freeboard, shallow everything...it was meant to be a shallow water boat, yet I was able to catch some very nice salmon out of Algoma (WI side) and walleyes out of Green Bay. Pick your days and you will be able to fish more water than I was ever able to out of that Lund. Your engine box will help you stand up in a chop and keep you in the boat; I was always worried about falling out and spent a lot of time on my knees to lower my center of gravity. Plus if you get a bus tub, you can put the fish in the tub and work on unhooking them standing upright, utilizing all the space in the back end, there are advantages to a dog house…but I digress…. As for your ?? Keating's and Porter's book really helped me get a grip on the "new" stuff being fished nowadays...get on some one else’s boat too, a little gas $$ donation goes a long ways to the education, you'll probably be forced to take home most of the fish from the days catch, I am now hopelessly addicted to salmon fishing and this site was one that was able to help me kick off my education, ask questions, even if you feel they have already been asked, they probably have, but it is just as useful for those answering the questions to strengthen their knowledge by answering questions, it make them think about it and put an answer in writing, which then solidifies confidence and reiterates past experiences to confidently go into the up and coming season.....you're doing some of us a favor by asking and making us think about it too....
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