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  1. Joe, you went from DTW metro to cabelas dundee?? if yes that was a little out of the way!!! lucky you are!!! i hope you got her something!!
  2. CHRIS,vectors if you get them you would be happy you did!!! ROCK SOLID tottally adjustable. ive got a line on some used triple super spreaders that i will install ASAP ive seen them and used them on another boat and as good if not better than the berts and traxtech.......oh before i forget here are another coulpe contenders to throw into the mix!!! http://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/index2.html http://www.auroralitestackle.com/auroralitesrodholders.html
  3. this guys is not far from me and where i get mine from, great skinny water coho bait http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Brads_Thin_Fish.htm
  4. one of the key puzzle pieces to find the fish is water temp, so thats why so many guys run some kind of temp probe to locate more productive water temps, kings generally hang in 42F-45F. after a long hot july you may have to get you DR balls down 50-70 fow in 100+fow to find more ideal water temps
  5. Jim, were they the 119 model with the 1-1/2" ball or the model 119D with the 2-1/4" ball........oh the question being, what is the model you have and will the rams hold up to the huge strain of a magnum dipsy?? thx
  6. YES!! a double edged sword!!! try to fix one problem only to create a new one!!! oh what to do?? ill just keep playing with the wheel and spring to reset it!!!
  7. Ah the scourge of all east side walleyes', the deadly snoopy combo. my christiana got her 1st fish on her barbie combo when she was 5, now cant keep her from asking "when are we going fishing?" WELCOME TO THE SITE
  8. here ya are mike!! http://www.siggsrigs.com/trophy-flies.html http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/main.sc http://www.howiestackle.com/index.php?productID=10
  9. Sean, i dont know if your going to be trailering?? if yes, nick is correct in that some thru-hull transducers can be damaged or broken off during launching and recovery. one of the pluses of the B-60/SS-60 is that it is low profile and after speaking with a customer service agent at AIRMAR they informed me that the B-60/SS-60 was designed for trailered boats and it going over rollers or resting on bunks was NOT going to do any damage to the ducer according to the airmar agent. another concern of mine is that you said you may remove a old ducer and replace it with the B-60?? if yes the challenge maybe trying to open up the existing hole. i dont think a hole saw may work unless you some how plug the old hole with a wood dowel, as a hole saw uses a drill bit with a outer ring inter-changeable saw and trying to keep the drill bit centered in the hole can be trouble?? is this clear?? maybe trying a roto-zip the get the hole enlarged?? it does not need to be perfectly round as the ducer has a larger flange on it to make the seal!!! hope this helps
  10. i have a SS-60...with a furuno fcv-620. same as the B-60. if your able to compare the two ducers you will find that the B-60 is a better performing model than the transom mount, i took me a few hours to install. the hardest part was to overcome the fear of screwing up drilling the 2-3/4" hole in the boat!!! i used 3M 5200 sealant and its not leaked or loosed yet, another tricky part was to get a wrench around the large nut, but used a trick a shop teacher showed me in high school, as you may know and anyone who takes pictures for a living may tell you, a camera is only as good as the lens you are using!!! here more info and try gemeco for buying it i think they have good prices on most stuff!!! http://airmartechnology.com/airmar2005/ex20/RMProducts/ElectCat.asp?ProdID=36&Man=All&PageNo=67 http://www.gemeco.com/index.htm
  11. NICK, "Church also came out with a new release that is just like the original, but reversed so the line pulls into the release instead of out of it. I will probably try them this year." YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN BY TACKING IT APART, CLIPPING OFF THE LITTLE TAB AND PUTTING IT BACK TOGTHER, CHURCH THEMSELVES TOLD ME HOW TO DI IT BEFORE THEY CAME OUT WITH THE NEW ONE http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/0/4/8/SSCN0199.JPG <img src="http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/0/4/8/SSCN0199.JPG" alt="board" />
  12. ive seen most glow stuff and not been to happy with it. i found these glow sticks and that last 10-12 hrs and come in many colors. in this pic i have not activated the stick to make it glow. after its done glowing it will remain the glow color, if i want to use another later in time i just retie the loop in the leader and slide another stick onto the fly leader, i like it and works well!!!
  13. the best thing to do is JUST FISH......i know its like drinking out of a fire hose but dont stress to much.......remember fishing is FUN!!! one thing to do is to learn by doing....take the books and try to apply a few things and experiment....and with more hours on the water it will get easier..and some days nothing will work.....but then again they call it fishing......if it were an excact science and a sure thing they be calling it CATCHING!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!
  14. ill use all 3/0 and 4/0 singles......not noticed a huge fifference in hook-up but easy to get out of the net and much safer with the kids on the boat!!!!
  15. GREAT POINT!! also id like to add that to save your clicker from wearing out prematurely, once the fish is on, i turn off the clicker. sure it sounds great but i like to try to get my stuff to last as long as possible, its to expensive to be replacing GREAT VID!!!!
  16. here it is....... http://eventful.com/schaumburg/events/schaumburg-boat-sport-show-/E0-001-019264839-7
  17. Yes it does and found it to be the thing since sliced bread and a MUST Have!
  18. AARRGGG......yes they AAARRRGGG!!! pirate
  19. YES YES YES.......#18 is all i use.......works good lasts long time!!!.......the long line, leader, rod and mostly GOOD reel/drags...will do the job
  20. frank, what size fits thru a J-plug??? #15 will for sure but will the #25??? and will the #50??? and send me your mailing address PLZ.....i want to get them be-4 they are all gone!!!! THX!!!!
  21. here ya are ill help spend your MONEY!!! if not these something like them....two riggers.....2 dipsies.....2lead cores.....youll be netting the big ones in no time!!! http://www.mengo-ind.com/DisplayDetail.aspx?which=134
  22. THX frank, for the bags ive seen at the walleye mart and K-mart, i think sears as well, or where ever they sell small appliances!!
  23. Frank, ive been looking at a foodsaver, the one you have, was it the lesser in cost or the more expensive one....ive heard the the cheap ones are junk, but never owning one i was wondering how much you spent and how well does it work??? PLEASE TELL ALL!!!! THX!!!
  24. Oh the #17 BITE ME ELMO has to stay, you never know when you'll have onboard a wee little one that has to pick a lure and for sure it will be Elmo that has to get washed, the bite me Elmo has lots-O-good JUJU and Mo-Jo, but other than that, bite me Elmo has no fish catching abilities or value but it does prove that no matter what kind of color scheme the lure manufactures make it will catch a fisherman's attention and lighten that said fisherman's wallet, as for me the jury is still out and i do not own one, but looking foreward to having one and adding to my collection of lures i own and never put out on a line!!
  25. JIM that is funny!!! "my wife won't even grab one of my core setups she just points at the bouncing rod and says your fish dear!!" I, myself love to grab the rod and fight the bigger fish and when its good and tuckered out i pass the rod off to one of the kids and the them do the really hard work!!! BOLTMAN, couple of my thoughts....cost, lead core is not very costly, you dont need a very expensive rod/reel, just one (reel) big enough to get enough backing and the length of lead core you want to run, you could even get away with a smaller reel by using a shorter core and by adding a "dive bomb" or big clip on lead weight, 6oz-8oz you get the same depth as you would as running a longer core.As already stated lead core takes your lure far away from your boat, and the fish that came to take a look at your downriggers and dipsies and went away uninterested, will see that spoon running way behind everything else all alone....and BAM!! i feel core works well for this reason and as well the fact that with your rod in its holder, the wave action jigging the core, also the core rising and falling in the water column adds action to the spoon/plug or whatever you are pulling with the core....BOTTOM LINE....works good lasts long time!!!
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