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  1. JIM "It mounts to the back of the current steering box so it adds more than 10in" a Simrad ap14R said he needed 14in of clearance to install it I had about 7in to work with." JUST trying to help and save you some $$$$!! NOT a argument......you REMOVE the old rotary box and and install a new rotary box with a drive motor and according to the simrad istallation guide you need 10in total.....can a hole and box work?? it would need to be 3-4 in deep......here is a link to the install giude i hope it will make little more clear on the install.....page 13 of the guide gives you the specs needed for the install http://www.simrad-yachting.com/en/Products/Leisure/Autosteering/Powerpilots-AP12-AP14/AP14-Powerpilots/Downloads/
  2. JIM, "I am converting my boat to Hyd steering this winter so I can put a autopilot on." did you look at the Simrad AP-14-R??? fits a rotary box and needs 10 inches of clearance behind the helm, still going to cost you $1500+ but you dont need to install the whole hydro stuff to get a auto-pilot, ive been wanting one for my islander and have been saving for it,
  3. I as well got them tested however Ive had the same luck as Jim did, no fish. i am impressed with the yogurt flies and they are well made, the tinsel material is of very good quality. the color selection is awesome, i did get a fish to hit (even if it was off before i got the rod out of the holder) the blue kiwi finger punch tournament series. one of the little things that i really liked about the flies was the way the the lure was packaged, namely the fly/leader/hooks came in a reusable zip-lock bag. i really liked this, they are easy to store and do not take up much room, and one thing Ive had a hard time in the past was trying to find a good way to store flies. and with the yogurt flies it is not problem, i agree fully with 1 mainiac (Jim) giving them a A+ rating. i wish that the season was not about over as i would really like to really give them a good washing!!! if i am able to get out again i will add to this post to report my findings. i want to thank Tim Crichton for allowing me to test and wish Yogurt Flies much success
  4. Husqvarna, stilh, and ECHO, mike look and ask the local tree trimming guys what they are using and ill bet it is one the these 3......remember you get what you pay for and if you break it can you get parts????
  5. happy hunting !! and STAY SAFE!!!!
  6. it is good luck to keep the kids in the cabin playing viedo games with their heads down in an attempt to get them to puke!!! as not long after the chumming do we get hooked UP!!! and NO BANNANAS!!!!!
  7. HEY dan just wondering what was the cost of a roomier top??? ive been thinking about getting one myself!! THX john
  8. "brakes on a car, they will wear if you use them".......like one foot on the brake and one on the gas??? YEAH!!! and i can drive 55!!!
  9. frank, two per side or 8 total, 4 each side???? thx
  10. thx guys.....as usual great readin!!! i try to get the kids on board as much as possible and seems like a long time now i dont even have to tell them to "Amor-up" and one of the good things ive noticed is that when one of the lil-fish-catchers decides to chum the lake, someone soon will be yelling "Fish On"!!!!!
  11. i could of not said it better......i hope you are feeling better!!! venting can be really good sometimes!!!
  12. YES, 5yrs too late.....it maybe made by BERKLY....GMT-40 is correct as well as not avaible anymore!!!
  13. good idea mike.....a hole would work, as far as the clip twisting....NOPE... i do crank the screw down so that it is GOOD-n-TIGHT!!!!
  14. mike, YES file or i used nail clipper and then filed smooth off the little alignment pin/tab. and the pinch pads will NOT wear or get torn up!!! try it on one youll see!!! works good last LONG time
  15. mike id like to try.....sent you a PM....
  16. mike, "should I purchase the single release and add it to the cannonballs? " if you run it off the tail/trailing loop on the ball/weight, when you load up the rod this will cause the ball to be pulled up at the tail and pitch the nose down and cause some tracking trouble...when ive stacked i just used my blacks as normal and just added the double pimch pad type stackers......but not used them for a while and like mainiac stated "It seemed that way to often the bottom rod would grab the top rod when a fish hit " HAPPY COMBAT FISHING!!!! john
  17. here is my no-slip fix...take apart the clip and remove the TINY plastic tab...rotate 180deg. and reassemble.....the line is pulled into the clip and not out of it. braid wont slip out and board will not come off and slide down and knock that monster in the head...... when your done run your line like this......NO more bandaids/rubberbands!!!!!
  18. maybe the guys from the deadliest catch would let me use their boats??? 28ft is nothing to them
  19. here are a few plces http://ocsdata.ncd.noaa.gov/OnLineViewer/GreatLakesViewerTable.htm http://mac.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/booklets/usgsmaps/usgsmaps.html#Topographic%20Maps
  20. try not so much hose pressure on your ear muffs, remember you boat sitting in the water has NO positive water perssure forcing water into the impeller pump, then you can eliminate that causing that trouble then go from there, for sure you got something bad going on....id bet the high hose perssure is causing it, but i am not a marine mechanic but frank is try calling him... calumet marine...708-862-2407
  21. mike, see what you get for going out with frank?!?! i am going to stay on my side of the lake and not go out with anybody else!!!! i am afraid i may learn something new and wind up costing me big $$$$$
  22. move the compass!!!! the easiest way to skin that cat!!! and YES BIG MAGNETS AND compasses...NO GOOD!!
  23. mike the only credit ill take is for launching the boat i was asleep for most of the time, the only thing i did was get the fish in the net, christiana did most of the fish whacking on saturday, on sunday when we put in the dock at my moms, christian insisted and asked me three times for a rod and after all the nagging i gave her one, a few mins later she had this prego sheephead, and yup you guessed she yells, "john get the whacking stick"!!!!
  24. i seconde the polamar knot and if you can do a double polamar!!!
  25. set lines @ 0600, 3 total crew clear skies,sunny and west winds 10-15knts waves 2-3ft subsiding to 1-2 water surface temp 49F, 11 for 11, two 10lbs kings with large alewives in belly. one caught on downrigger clean magnum blue dolphin 30ft back 120ft down in 160FOW 2nd king on downrigger on pro-troll silver sting king with e-chip 20ft back 100ft down 160FOW. all other fish were taken on silver dodgers w/green/gold 4in flies and orange dodgers and green/purple/gold peanut flies ran all deep on downriggers got hit, NO hits on dipsey/braid divers. two coho on planer boards with 2-1/4oz keel weight silver dodger and green/purple/gold peanut fly. no more fish after 0930, pulled lines @ 1130
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