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  1. This might be good for the lake Ontario guys but in Wisconsin we do not have to fish as deep. We use braid most of the time, if we are fishing deep I will deploy out wires with mag dispseys and rings sety at 0 or 1 if off to the side. These flat out dive. 200-250 is going to get a flasher fly down 120-140 feet. I know we have hit bottom. That is the best test you can do. If we are on a fun run play with it. hit your normal speed and deploy until you hit bottom. we trolll in and out doing this with wire, braid and balls.
  2. Salmon fishing is going great with rainbows mixed in so it does not get much better. The salmon are fat and sassy this year and the size is up. Even the sub teen fish are putting up hard fights and the rainbows are flat out destroying baits. We went 14 for 22 today, seemed the ones that wanted it engulfed the bait and those that did not were one a short time and gone. Boat traffic is picking up with the nice weather so we head away from the pack and so it was a southern run way towards the plant. Early we fished shallower then later 140 to 260. 35 to 110 on the riggers, Leadcore worked great from the start today too. Dipseys produced very well today and it did not seem to matter where you put them. Nothing special on the setups. Aqua, double aqua, and frog flies with green and white e-chips are the standard for Kewaunee. Green spoons worked for us the best for kings and rainbows. CPT Brian
  3. Went out Sunday evening and the weather was a little screwy going from sunny to storming to nice all in 4 hours. The fishing slowed but we ended up 9 for 13. The fish for us were scattered from the top to 100 feet down. The larger fish came deeper with smaller fish hitting on top. We used the usual flies along with some Lake Ontario “garbage†inside harbor joke. A green and orange spoons and a home taped lemon killer on 2 and 5 color cores. Pumps were going off between 115-160 feet of line out. Fishing still remains hit and miss with strong currents so try different angles until you find the right one. Just an update, my buddy took the boat out on a fun trip on Monday and did 11, white paddles and aqua flies Good luck.
  4. Well, the weather is permitting us to go out and the fish are cooperating but our camera is officially broke!!!!! We are hoping to get some pictured from the marina. We had a short trip today with 9 nice kings, at this rate we will need a second cooler if the size of the kings keeps up. Our clients today decided that 9 fish were enough and we were back in the harbor early. The riggers and lead birds worked well today. One of our hot baits is a green aqua fly on the rigger fished closer to the bottom. It has been catching nice fish all year. The spread today was the typical green and white flashers with aqua flies. We had good action in 150-180 FOW 45-90 feet down. No dipsey bite to speak of today but the pumps worked with 100-150 feet of line out.
  5. Stable weather, what is that!!!! I thought I left the windy crappy weather back in NY!!!!!, you can blame me, it followed me here. Thanks for the reports. Big_fishman
  6. Siggs green dolphin, wish I had a dime for every fish caught!!!!
  7. Well, the season is in full swing, the fishing is great but the weather has not been to cooperative the past few weeks. We are still seeing some nice cohos, big rainbows and a larger 4 year class of fish than has been seen in a while. We have gotten fish that have topped the scaled in the upper teens and that is good for this time of year. CPT Allen says they are the biggest he has seen in a while. Once the weather pattern settles it should be a blood bath so come on up and check out Kewaunee!! Lead core and dipseys have been working well for us, pump handles have been working for others but is not my favorite venue right now. I am all about max dipsey presentation and at least one SWR on the riggers with lead core on the boards. Our hot stuff, well, we have a tournament coming up but I can tell you the hot stuff is all Lake Ontario and some of the old with a Two Rivers twist to it. If you are saying to yourself I have not seen this guy before you are right, I just moved from NY and fishing Lake Ontario. I have fished the great lakes all my life and originally started charter fishing out of Two Rivers, WI with CPT Allen’s son Tom, so I guess I have come full circle now. I have seen the changes in techniques and tactics. I would encourage everyone to check out the east coast sites and keep an open mind. I have not been impressed with the reporting across the board on glangler so I encourage you to hopp on an post a report. I will get as many as I can on here, unfortunately, around tournament time we have to be a little tight lipped, the guys are competitive up here to say the least but all good guys!!!! Last but not least, we will be posting pictures when one of the two of use remembers to bring a camera, we really botched the last tow trips in that department:angry2:
  8. Are you running a mono leader for th ediver to ride on, I had problems with them wearing through the braid
  9. I hit the bottom last year between 100-125 with wire on a #1 with ring at 350-400 feet out, it did not seem to diver deeper after that.
  10. They are worth having, run one and you will not regret it, it goes 5 to 1 on my riggers. pluse it works on the boards when they are on top.
  11. #1 Green chrome #1 dipsey set on 2 out 300 feet, Green echip and siggs green dolphin fly. #2 Riggers with a SWR and a Yeck purple thunder glow or a protocol spoon
  12. I know what you mean on the bad reports, we tried helping a private boat out last year because we were pounding the kings but they would not even answer us. I am not longer fishig tournements so have no reason to hid info.
  13. I tell you Dan Keatings books are a great short cut in the learning curve for the lake. You can get a deal at bobsoutdoors.com I started 20 some years ago and learned the hard way, there is good info in these books.
  14. Thanks, for the report, hope they are still there this weekend.
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