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  1. Salmonquest....ive done my homework...from what ive learned stay away from the fish hawk for several reasons the biggest is that with the blowback that ALL rigger cables have unless your using a 50lbs in 50ft of water, the more blowback the less signal you will get...i do not know anything about the cannon your best bet is the sub-troll or depth raider. they use the same system of getting the electrical signal thru the coated cable (included) the subtroll/depthraider are almost exctly the same unit the depth raider has a digtial display and the subtroll anaolg display....
  2. ive read it also sure the 12 mono will give your spoon more action more stealth its cheaper get more onto your reel...the pro's the con's....having a monster king snap your line like a dry twig, losing the fish and a $4-$7 spoon NO good......i use a 15lbs ande mono and its worked for me!! just my $00.02 worth
  3. i was at the LAST ever JAM at the pontiac silver dome a few years ago....Gravedigger flipped over and bounced around and landed in a dumpster that was used for a barrier!! then they got a huge front end loaderflipped over the dumpster and spilled out Gravedigger.......GREAT show and the kids greally loved it, i am glad i had nosebleed seats and had earplugs with me!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  4. 2 walker downriggers (used) 2 & 4 foot booms for each, 1 rod holder on each, 2 short swivel bases (new), extra heads, pully wheel, wire guides, snap rings and other parts..........asking $400 4 12" tite-lok track, 2-12" tite-lok track inserts, 2 bases 6x5x3, 2 bases 4x3x3........all items are brand new and never used....cost over $350......asking......$175 4 big jon swivel bases (used).......asking $100 PM me for more info, here are the pics.........THX http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/b/2044571692139598217 http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/b/2003571994471041119
  5. welcome frank......and hello to the other frank as well.....well i am not in the man named frank club....however i do own a 97 191V islander..so i guess thats my "IN" unless you guys will give me an honorary admit to the FRANK club?? oh PRIORITY ive got to get the outdrive line-up bar specs from you one of these days...just not not as i dont have a large enough door on my get away from the wife and kids space to get my islander into and do not really need to pull my ALPHA 1 drive yet...........MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! TO ALL!!!!!!
  6. you did not by chance shorten your ANT. cable??? if you did it will affect your transmit/recive ability
  7. aahhhh...so simple....rubber mallet ive got but i dont think i own a BFH!!! THX gents!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  8. Any Suggestions.......apart From Wrenching Them Off With A Large Channel Locks???
  9. thanks very much for the info....!!! i was thinking it was GM but id take a poll of more expericenced persons than myself....great little motor...working fine i think with the right ammount of TLC iam sure it should last a couple/3 thousand hours
  10. who makes the block for a 1997 mercruiser alpha1 3.0L 4cylinder 135hp THANKS!!!
  11. i got these this year from a fellow fisherman who got them a long time ago he told me that he got them new in the 80's (making them 20+ yrs old) they were covered in dust. he also said when he bought the two of them he wished he got four and went out and got for new big jons' instead. looking at them they were used but he said that they were almost like new just siting on his basement shelf. they work well the on/off switches, counters, clutches, pulley heads as well as the motors. the did not have any trouble pulling up the 10lb ball i was using. myself have 4 used big jons' so they are just sitting........ YES WILLING TO SHIP TO CANADA.... HOWEVER I NEED TO PACKAGE THEM AND TAKE THEM TO TO POST OFFICE FOR WEIGHT AND COST OF SHIPPING
  12. 2 Used Walker Electric Downriggers, Each Have A 4ft Boom And A 2ft Short Boom, Also 2 Brand New Never Used In The Box Short Swivel Bases, The Riggers Have One Pole Holder Per Unit. Included Are Extra Pully Heads And The Nylon Pulley Wheels Along With The Snap Rings And A Bunch Of Extra Parts For The Pulley Heads. Both Are In Good Condition And Are In Excellent Working Order!! Asking $400 But Willing To Let Got To The Higest Offer!! Located In Illinios.
  13. hi ive got an islander 191V they are starting to shrink!! not so bad as it is a cause for concern, however i am sure you could take some material and affix it to the wood. at this time ive not given much thought to the problem. what to use and how to attach it?? maybe try calling the company directly and talking to a live person!! ive been lucky @ starcraft so far and they we very heplful......maybe you could order the same crap they put on the boat?? but i am sure with some thought you could come up with something much better!!!
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