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  1. i have not, but looks interesting
  2. headed out of waukegan harbor, set lines sat 5-10-08 6am started out trolling east, 090 heading in 30fow worked out to 60fow and water temp 42F N winds 12knts waves 1-2ft, overcast went 4 for 5 and 3 were taken on orange 00 dodger and green/purple/gold coho fly with 2 1/4 oz keel weight on planer boards, 1 was taken on clean orange/yellow spoon on rigger down 40ft in 60fow all fish were taken between 0730-0900
  3. nice cam work and the u-tube post thats going to be a valuable asset, oh mike can i get a signed 8x10 photo??
  4. from the chicago side.....one word.......COHO!!!!!
  5. here is the big weenie site http://www.bigweeniebrand.com/
  6. hey i got a boat and to get to try new stuff before anybody else for free and then get to keep it?? one thing dont look a gift horse in the mouth, or if it sounds too good to be true?? man i love this country MIKE, count me in!!!! and i see i am the 1st to chime in!!!
  7. nice vessel, as far as a tow vehicle, get the biggest thing your vallet can manage, especially if your going to tow a long way or alot. i cant see that a F150 or the like would pull that easy without putting alot of stress on the powerplant and the rest of the mechanicial systems, also you may consider the towing package suspention and an additional transmission oil cooler
  8. what is the best position for the rods when running boards?? with the tip up twards the sky or down parallel to the water??? THX
  9. mike you and the two boyz and you got a double going, so that means you are going to have to have a net in each hand?? i look foreward to seeing that video!!!
  10. nice!! 1st fish of many for the year, but mike your brave holding it soooo close to the rail, i saw it almost leaped out of the net even before you got it into it!!
  11. this is one of those "WHAT IF's" but i got a merc Alpha 1-IIgen
  12. shower curtain rod rings and rubber bands, very cheap work well
  13. Frank, thx any truth to what mike (GLF) said about a relief screw?? that there is such a thing on a I/O?? and how do you get the little plastic caps that cover the bolts for the rams??? John
  14. so here is the senario, i am ready to put the boat back on the trailer and pull it out to go home, but the motor wont trim up. so unless i get it up (the lower unit) i can't pull it up the ramp with out grinding my skeg/prop what can i do without calling a mechanic to come out and lift my lower unit. here is what i think i can do PLEASE let me know if there is i better way, this is just theory as it has not ever happened to me, but if it does i will know what to do. here goes. remove the two rear nutz on the rams and loosten them, (how hard is this to do?? do i need any special tools??) then thru the ram eyes thread some rope and secure the rams from flailing around, then get some big guy is several little kids who are strong enough to pick up the lower unit and rope this up as if it were in the trimmed up position, i also have a transom saver that supports the lower unit while trailering. WILL THIS WORK?? AND WILL TAKING OFF JUST TWO RAM NUTZ WORK?? ok GUYS LETS HEAR YOU THOUGHTS, OPINIONS, COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS!!!! thx JOHN
  15. tempting frank, but i think for me 17p would over rev me moto, i am turning 4700-4800 RPM with 19p...
  16. Dv8oR, i was trying to keep it simple so rich could understand, as you know after about turning your volume up beond 3/4, you get that dreaded DISTORTION!! AAaaRRrrGGgg the scourge of loud music lover and all things that ROCK!! i hope you would agree that CAZ's lund should be rocking as all boats big and small must!!! even if the fishing stinks ones fishing time should be spent in the company of freinds with good food and COOL drinks!!!!!
  17. 50 volts?? ya sure got to be 50W PM me your phone number or meet me in chat and we will se what you got
  18. yea, what are the?? the little round ones?? about 4 inches?? they will only take 35W per channel, and your going to be pushing 50W per channel, so you will smoke the little ones, so you can get same size speakers that will handle more power or you can enlarge the hole they are in and get nicer speakers, let me know what you got and what you are thinking, my bro-in-law put himself thru school installing car steros and he can advise if needed but is seems like a straight foreward install
  19. that will work, 50Wx4=200W should be plenty loud, ive got 4 speakers and 200W output and for me its good enought iam a fan of loud music but not to the point here it causes my eardrums to bleed!!
  20. try that sucker Mr Salmon!! looks good, ive also seen but not tryed the reverse a small teaser fly inside a squid!!
  21. this is just here say, ive seen someone's post on another site, what i recall was some kind of twist, you thread the wire thru the swivel and twist it around itself, and then to button it all up shrink wrap the twists, ill try to find it again, and if you can ken try to find out from other guys here or on the docks what they are doing, ive got no idea what the heck iam
  22. glad to hear seems like the hardest part of the fix was the troubleshoot!!!!
  23. YOoper, looks like you have been making them for years, very nice for a 1st attempt!! hopefully they will fill the cooler for you!!
  24. ive talked to the big guy at depth raider and he said he had reports of guys attaching the probe via the removeable meathode and NOT using the rubber tape to insulate it and he noted that NO sigal was lost down to 150FOW. i myself dont let my probe go that deep but i as well didnt use the tape and attached mine to be removeable and not lost signal
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