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  1. Thanks for all the input, I am going to give it a try back by the rigggers. It is really an easy mount back there without drilling into the glass for me. I guess if I don't like it I can always move it.
  2. Looking for ideas...I don't any room left by the chartplotter (and no I won't put it on your boat ) For those of you who have them, it seems it would make a whole lot of sense to have it back by the riggers. Any thoughts?
  3. Nice job, looks like it was made better than you could buy one.
  4. If I can get my boat in the water, I will be out Sunday
  5. I have sold Toyota's since 1993, Excellent product. I have sold 7 of the new body style 5.7's to close friends and people that I see at least once a month. Absolutely no problems, NOT ONE! I have one friend that pulls a trailer nearly every day for his living and has 60,000 miles on his truck in the last 24 months. No problems. I pulled out my 280 Boston Whaler Conqest with twin 225's on it with a Tundra with the 5.7 V8 and pulled much better than than 3/4 ton (name withheld) I put it in with. I can tell you is after spending the last 15 years selling Toyota's, Tawood is the first unhappy Tundra customer I have met, and I manage the highest volume Toyota used car department in the state of Michigan. I get to see unhappy customers... Tundra owners are not unhappy and more often than not trade their Tundra for another Tundra. Some facts about the Tundra: It is rated at 401 ft lbs of torque. I can't believe you would have a problem towing with it. The tongue weight is not 180 lbs. The GVW of a Dobulecab 5.7 4x4 is 5460, the GVWR is 7100 lbs, Tongue capacity for towing is calculated by the GVWR of 7100 and subtracting the total weight of the truck (the GVW), the cargo and passengers. ie: if you have 740 lbs of gear and passengers you would have an available tongue weight of 800 lbs with this application. If you would like to see more about the Tundra take a look at this website: http://www.toyota.com/tundra/deconstructed/ Do I think you should buy a Tundra... Only if you want one. Chevy, Ford and Dodge are all nice trucks as well, I think they all are putting out a nice product right now. Good luck with your search and if you want to know anything about the Tundra, I know quite a bit about it. Chris
  6. Sounds like the correct name for the bird... I would let one fish w/ me anytime, would come in handy on the days that the flies are bad.
  7. Its some kind of Warbler, this bird was great. It ate a dead bug out of one of our hands, it landed on my shoulder, it was like it was tame. It was sitting on one of the rods when it went off, and it took off and flew right back to the boat and sat on the rigger. We couldn't believe it. If we would have hit our limit I think I would have had to capture him and make him my mascot.
  8. Set up @ 6:45 am in 65 foot went out to 115, best depth for us was 85 Went 6 for 8 4 small kings (small kings were on riggers w/ spoons) 1 nice sized three yr old king on braid (no dipsey, on a walley board w/ a thin fish, no I'm not kidding..., thats the one the bird sitting on last but not least 1 laker on a tin can w/ blue mirage fly We had a nice hitchhiker for most of the morning, ate every bug on my boat! Not really hot and heavy action, but the lake was flat, the sun came out and were able to put some fish in the boat.
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