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We started fishing 6/21 in the P.m. and found fish near 120 fow. Right about when it started getting good we started having some lightening and next thing you know all the rods on the hardtop are buzzing and clicking. Right about when I was ready to get the heck out of there we noticed one of the passengers had her hair standing straight up like you would see in a science exibit. I think we set new records pulling lines and used all 400 h.p. to get back in quickly. We had a charter from MN on 6/22 p.m. and 6/23 a.m. Those trips found us fishing south of town in 90-120 fow. Our best bites here were in the top 50 fow with almost every color of enticer and spin doctor working on dipsies and lead core with spoons. All hot spoons were magnums and had either green and orange in them and the better ones had both. We had fish here but not huge numbers by any means. Eventually we slid out to 180 fow and found some steelies to atleast keep us busy even if we had a hard time landing them. Orange spoons along with orange flashers with any fly behind it got hit out here. We ended up on Sunday 6 of 8 and Monday 8 of 14. Pretty good action considering what a tough bite it was. We finnished out Monday with a P.M. 3 1/2 hour charter that we left the dock at 4:30 on. It only took about 15 minutes of being set up to get some great action back in 180 fow. Same baits as in the morning but also a meat rig on a dipsie was hot. Dipsies set at 1 1/2 with magnum rings took hits with 160-180 feet of line on the counter. A green spin doctor with a fly down 60 on a downrigger was good along with a magnum fishlander hey baby 80 feet down on a downrigger. All the same spoons on 2-10 colors of lead produced bites. We ended up 10 of 16. Had a great time, good luck on the water. Oh and before someone wonders where the other fish is look in the fish mouths in the pics..






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