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Thanks Mike...:)

Yea I was just trying to read through the rules to find out about if we can change drivers and I think you can during the draft. Only thing is I don't remember what time the draft was four our league. I know it was on Wed but cant remember what time. Any one know?? Sucks to cause I was home today and could have done some changes but I forgot..:o

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Do we draft new teams every week, or is this our teams for the year?

One of my drivers finished 1st, another finished 3rd, but #29 pushed my other driver up and took him out of the race. I think that will happen when you bump draft someone going into a turn.

Mike, I think where stuck with who we have.

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I think the main reason Mike, was because R. Gordon was docked 100 points and he was one of my drivers which in turn droped me 100 points. Here is the explanation I got from the nascar website......

The harshest penalty went to Robby Gordon, who had an unapproved front bumper cover on his No. 7 Dodge during opening day inspection for the Daytona 500. The deduction of points drops him from ninth in the standings to 40th

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yes you can trade drivers i trades sam hornnish jr. for kyle petty. if you click on drivers

it will give you a listing of all the drivers and you can see who is avalible and who isnt and the rest is pretty self explanitory

There must be something I'm missing. When I click on Drivers, there is nowhere that says anyone is available?

I've read all the FAQ an followed the instructions to a Tee. Where does it say they are Free Agents?

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Its the Drivers under the rules after you login to draft&play hope this helps

Good Luck

I've done all of that but, there is nothing that shows there status for me.

It doesn't much matter anyhow.

Maby Mattey can pull out a three peat for me today.

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