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  1. Nice day to stay on shore! www.manisteesurfcam.com www.manisteesurfcam.com
  2. We fished the Walleye for warriors today had 4 World War 2 Vets on board all 90 & 91 years old. We managed to pull a 8 person limit (40 fish) including me, wolf a camera man to make up for the limit.
  3. We finally got the weather to do the thing WARM UP walleye fishing has done the same. If you want to get in on some of this great action we still have openings available. Call today to book a trip! 989-971-9210
  4. This gives us a extra weekend for fishing! Timeline Photos With Jane Mansaguiton and 34 others.
  5. Great Day on the Bay Mobile Uploads 5-18-2014 Another 3 person limit Great job crew Conditions weren't the best with gusty winds but we put them in the box.
  6. It's time to go fishing, the boats the water and ready for some great walleye fishing. Looks like the weather will warn up starting on Wednesday. Call for open dates!
  7. We made the trip over to Linwood yesterday, the boat will be in the water this weekend. So it looks like its time to go fishing.
  8. Even after a week of N/E winds the inner bay continues to have some great fishing. 6 person limit on Sunday in just over 4 hours with a lot of fish over 20" All fish came on lead core 2-4 colors and spoons with white being the best. 2.6-2.7 sog and 22 fow
  9. Saginaw Bay is on fire right now with limits being caught. All fish taken on spoons and leadcore 1-3 colors in 12-14 FOW. 2.7 sog. 05/31/2013 06/01/2013 06/02/13
  10. Saginaw bay is on fire right now with limits the last 6 trips. 50-100+ bites per trip with a lot of under size fish. We are running lead core and spoons 2-3-4 colors 2 colors being the best.
  11. Great walleye fishing has started, on Thursday caught 15 for a bunch. On Saturday caught a 4 person plus, both days all fish came on crawlers with blue and purple blades being the best colors 1.6-1.7 SOG. 15-19 fow The water temp was 56-57 it won't be long for the spoons to take off. Looks like we are going to have a great stay while we are in Linwood. On Saturday morning on the way to eat this bald eagle was at the end of Linwood Rd.
  12. Best on the net:thumb: And best for the net!
  13. Shimano TDR's and Okuma GLT copper rods is what we use.
  14. Sure Frank, Maybe we can get together and fish when I'm not fishing. I will be in Linwood the first part of May and hopefully Mays weather next year is better then last year:( I'm looking into buying another boat to keep in Linwood that would a lot less hassle for me because getting this boat back and forth across the state is a real pain in the @#%. This weekend looks good as far as the weather goes and this will it for me. The boat goes to ludington on Monday to be put away for the season. Nobody knows now fishing will be after this BLOW:eek: there calling for 20 ft waves:eek: in parts of the lake today.
  15. Try Jeff from Michigan X http://www.themichiganexperience.com/index.html Jeff is a great Captain and Guide:thumb: you will enjoy yourself. He might be booked up already but give him call.
  16. Had a nother great day on the water with over 70 bites caught over 40 keeping 25 for a five person limit:thumb:. Flasher and fly and orange spoons did all the damage. We have just over a week left in the water so if the weather holds out after this weekend blow we should have another week of some great fishing.
  17. Fishing has been great our last 2 trips have been 10/5 going 20 for 40+ mixed bag of fish 3 year ago kings coho's and steelhead. Today 10/9/2011 we went 25 for a bunch plus putting back 15 or so to fight another battle. Been fishing 17's down to the 12's 100 to 200 fow top 40 feet. Must fish have been coming on spoons and as long it has orange on it it will work 2-3-4-5-6- colors, slide divers and riggers with free sliders 40 down. We had to keep the smaller ones they would not have made it. 10/05/2011:thumb: 10/09/2011:thumb:
  18. Great Job Matt, I'm glad that it work out for you. The only time you fished with me I was impressed with what I saw you do know your way around a back of a boat. I'm sure you know a lot more after this season. Capt. Craig told me he had a good one.
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