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Caznik's 1st Annual Stinger Stingray Euchre Tournament


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2008 Caznik's Stinger Stingray Eurchre Championship

Date- Saturday January 26th

Cost- $15.00 a player plus one Stinger Stingray spoon.

Time- 3pm- till all done

Place Held At- Caznik's house



Well lets try and get some of us guys around and play some cards. Hunting season will be over and big lake fishing will be soon be coming very soon again. Fishermen that will sign up can bring one friend with them if they like to, but please let me know so I can know how many will be over at my place. I will probly needs some help with tables and chairs if you have any card tables. If a player has a card table with four chairs that would help out alot, also cards to. My maximum players will be up to 40 players and no more. We will have a pot luck also, so please bring one dish to pass and please bring your own beverage. After the 5th game we will all have a 20 minute break to eat and then play five more after we eat.

Rule's To Play

1- No partners (You will have a different partner at each table.)

2- Winners stay and losers will have to move. (When the two losers moves. One loser will have to draw a card and one winner will draw a card to determine who will be partners) It will go by color of cards.

3- Each table will play two times around and can count every point they can make.

4- Each player that calls a loner AND MAKES IT will get one extra point that will go in my book.(Your partner will not get that point if you call a loner, only the player that calls the loner AND MAKES IT will get that point.) The player with most loners MADE will win all the Stinger Stingray spoons.

5- Pay off will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

6- Tie Breakers- If there is a tie for 1st place for all the Stinger Stingray spoons. Both players will draw one card each. The player with the highest card will be the winner.

Tie breakers for 1st place for the money will go like this. 1st place will split 1st and 2nd place winnings and 3rd place winnings will go to the 2nd place winner.

A tie for 2nd place will split the 2nd place and 3rd place winnings and 3rd place winner will get nothing.

A tie for 3rd place will split the 3rd place winnings

7- Each team that gets EUCHRED- each player on that team will have to put 25 cents in a cup.

Luck 7th place will win all EUCHRE money(Any tie for the EUCHRE money will go by the highest card drawn like the lure tie breaker.

8- Every player will play up to ten games.

I sure hope that you will give this a try, just maybe you can be a winner and get some fishing stuff out of this tournament. I will give each player that signs up my address so you can find it on map quest.

Fish on,


Player's Signed up:

1- Caznik(Lure)

2- Sarah C(Lure)

3- Dirty Dog-(Lure) Table, 4 chairs, and a deck of cards.

4- Dirty Dogs wife Sarha

5- Rdfishin-(Lure) Table, 4 chairs, and a deck of cards.

6- Rdfishin wife Teresa

7- Benny

8- GLF

9- Caznik's Dad

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I would love to play, but like others will need to wait to commit. I hope I can join you.

And for Tim, lunch euchre enabled some of us to tolerate high school.

I hope that you can join us to. Please let me know as soon as possible and if you have a friend that like to get in this to.



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I have one little change in the rules for playing euchre. Not every member fishes Lake Michigan because they do not own a boat and I like to see some members just come and play some cards and get to know other members. So if you are not a lake Michigan fishermen and like to play for some cash winnings that will be fine with me but you will not be in for the lure winnings. I am just going to have boat captains in on the lure winnings and thats all. The way I see it now these will be the captains that will have to bring a lure to play euchre.


Dirty Dog



Sarah C

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i dont own my own boat rich. i fish lake michigan when i can find some one to go with so what im i supposed to do. bring a lure or not

I will let you bring one if you like to. Its up to you if you like to get in the lure deal. Its just some members dont even fish lake Michigan and I like to see them come and meets some members and play cards.

I will leave it up to you bud if you want to bring a lure.



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how about makeing a menu of whos bringing what so we can have a variety to eat. teresa and i are bringing a crockpot of chillie,bowls and plasticware

Ya i was going to do that when it get closer. Was your plans to be bringing chillie? That was mine but you can if you like to.


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I do not have to work this weekend, and just lined up a sitter. I will be there!

I need directions again. All I seem to remember is to turn left after Albuquerque, New Mexico........:grin:

I will bring a pot of muskybob's WORLD FAMOUS Adirondack Salmon Chowder!

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I sure do wish I lived a little closer.:) The vittles alone could draw me half way there.:) I love to play euchre and pound the table.:lol:

Oh come on now.....:D

If you really want to play you will come......:D

But I really think that you are very scared and afraid to play against me......:nhl_checking::help:


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