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Went out Sat for the opener we fish Anchor Bay ended up with nice fish the first was around 34" hit a $ 9.00 bass in the prop wash 15 back 6 oz of lead sinker, trolling 8 - 10 fow near Lottie View 3.9 to 4.4 mph. 2nd fish was about a hour later on a side rod with 10" fire tirger Jake 10 feet back 2 oz of lead. just under the back of the boat, Had a friend following us in his boat they went 0 for 3 lost there fish at the net.

Went back out Sunday Same location the wife to be lost a 50" plus at the boat due to me taking pics of the fish and her and not getting the net in to the water fast enough, and it thru the hook

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River Rat

Ive never fished for muskey however I Am very interested in this sport. IF you get some pics I would love to see them. I think muskey is the only native fish of michigan I have not caught. Someday when time permits im going to take a muskey charter out of lake St.Clair

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Musky fishing on Lake St. Clair is on fire right now at the dumping grounds and the South channel from the fire craker to the St. Clair light run the edge of the channel with bucktails 60 feet back and 2oz of weight.

I heard a charter captian got 3 nice ski's just before and after the big storms that ripped thru the area earll this week. 1st fish was 30lbs 2nd was 33lbs and 3rd was 33 lbs with a 23 inch girth.

There is a musky tourny just about every weekend on the lake, also th e canadian side is going strong with boats avg 7-10 fish per day it only gets better from now to december with the avg per fish per day going to 12-20 per day.

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