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  1. Its hell gettin old isn't it Frank. Miss all your reports. I tried the other side of the bay this year. Ralph and I hit the right spot.
  2. Had a great time with you Frank aboard Priority1. You guys sure do have a great walleye fishery up there. Wish I lived closer.
  3. Dan, Brenda told me that they felt the charter capt.'s with all the licensing we go thru, were already licensed to "lease" state lands. But river guides still need to abide.
  4. So how did it go Dan? Easy in and out?
  5. I agree on the crock part. Most cop shops are now digital, I see no reason to go there. I hope it changes by the time I need to renew (2010)
  6. I'm not really superstitious, but I don't fill the livewell until the first fish is to be placed in it.
  7. Muskies are always hitting. Are you going Canadian or US part of the lake?
  8. The whole thing is stupid. Law abiding citezens will call in, but do you think ones (boats) carrying illegals are gonna call in to get inspected.
  9. Or tap them from side to side until they loosen.
  10. Seen them many times. Mostly attached to sturgeon or muskys. Also have seen them being burped up from walleyes in the SCR. Good food source for them.
  11. I told my SIL the "I don't take refunds". With a straight face. The best man and ushers just cracked up. Nobody else in the church heard.
  12. Your getting fat Dan!!!!!! Time to hit the treadmill.
  13. Will be at Lk. Leelanau and have a charter from Leland planned for July 15 with capt jim Munoz. Hows the salmon fishing been up there?
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