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  1. coho's, Browns, Laker, fishing is off to a good start some nice kings showing up saw pic of a 14.4lbs king caught last sunday water is gin clear but the fish are there long lines 10-20 fow 2.3 to 2.5 mph body baits and small spoons different colors of lures water temp 38-45 need some rain and on shore wind to dirty up the water should improve the bite
  2. Team RiverRat fished lexington Friday we got 7lbs coho 19 fow off planner 200 back firetiger J-11 3 mph just south of harbor stayed in that are from 6:30 til 7:45 moved to 10 fow got 5 lbs king same lure worked the grid for a hour had 1 release saw fish jump and wave it tail BYE!! moved north of harbor trolled 10-12 fow all long lines got 2 more kings 5-7 lbs that was it in by 12:00 the fish are there super clean water does not help long lines and stay away from other boats and you should do good... This weekend I think the fish will turn on the water is dirty try 40-50 fow 10-20 down after you cruise the shore then head out towards the Regina for some great laker action and drop riggers down to 70 feet
  3. Talked to the guys up at ProBait in Port Huron this morning, There were a few guys out dipping last nite on the wall 1 guy dipped all nite and got 8 smelt another guy got 4, That means there in the river but waiting for the magical 45 water temp to come in heavy, They are catching walleye at nite off the wall also and some steelhead and browns are showing up. water is dirty but changes each day depending on the wind direction there is still ice out in Huron but thanks to the 60 mph wind the other day it broke up and pushed North east along the candian shore line, SCR iis ice free but dirty, should clean up by Sunday .
  4. Musky fishing on Lake St. Clair is on fire right now at the dumping grounds and the South channel from the fire craker to the St. Clair light run the edge of the channel with bucktails 60 feet back and 2oz of weight. I heard a charter captian got 3 nice ski's just before and after the big storms that ripped thru the area earll this week. 1st fish was 30lbs 2nd was 33lbs and 3rd was 33 lbs with a 23 inch girth. There is a musky tourny just about every weekend on the lake, also th e canadian side is going strong with boats avg 7-10 fish per day it only gets better from now to december with the avg per fish per day going to 12-20 per day.
  5. 1996 23'5 Well Craft Center Console (218 ccf model) with 8 foot beam 1995 Johnson 200 hp Oceanrunner (520 hours ) 1996 Tandem Eagle Trailer with new tires ,brakes and hubs,and bearnings Humming Bird wide one Lcd Marine Radio Am/Fm Cassette 100 gallon gas tank 35 galon bait tank and arated live well Bimmie Top great shape Asking $18,000 Call 586-918-5438 ask for Mike I live in New Baltimore East side of the state on lake st.clair
  6. Went out Sat for the opener we fish Anchor Bay ended up with nice fish the first was around 34" hit a $ 9.00 bass in the prop wash 15 back 6 oz of lead sinker, trolling 8 - 10 fow near Lottie View 3.9 to 4.4 mph. 2nd fish was about a hour later on a side rod with 10" fire tirger Jake 10 feet back 2 oz of lead. just under the back of the boat, Had a friend following us in his boat they went 0 for 3 lost there fish at the net. Went back out Sunday Same location the wife to be lost a 50" plus at the boat due to me taking pics of the fish and her and not getting the net in to the water fast enough, and it thru the hook
  7. I fish in my 2004 16'9 lund laker in lake huron and the St Clair River, I also use this boat as my tender boat while duck hunting in the fall and have incounterd 6 footers in the river and never once was I concerned that I was in over my head, Just use comon sense run the shore line or hit the big waves on a 45 and you will be fine, LUND THE BEST BUILT BOAT IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!! only the strong shall surive !!!!!
  8. A basic tool kit marine radio and lots of cold beer just in case I have to get towed in I have something thing to give the guy.....and the beer will help me forget that I should have done a better pretrip inspection of my rig..
  9. the guys have been doing pretty good on the steelies and coho around the power plants in St. Clair and Marine City Bottom Bouncing silver streaks mii's and body baits, fish slow and your set up is just like for eye's but put on a body bait or small spoon stay in 20-28 fow and hugh the shore. Look for the warm water discharge temp break and work it hard. Saw afew nice ones landd this morning. We had a small coho shake off at the boat as 2 rods went off at the same time on the other side of the boat, and could not get to them in time the drag's screamed and that was it. Water was nice and blue and temp was 37- 43
  10. St. Clair River is MUDDY and some ice flows are still comming down, there is still slot of ice in lake huron on the eastern part of the and north towards Port sanilac
  11. Most of lake St Clair is now open some ice is still in the bays but with the heavy north west winds this weekend they might brake loose.
  12. Should be a good early season, I have been keeping a log for the last 15 years and my records show when we have a a heavy lake freeze and a ot of ice still on lower lake Huron the 1st few weeks of march. We have a awsome sring fishiery right after ice out, Last year we did pretty good we avg 5 smaller Salmon per trip and 2 Big browns, and 3 steelhead per trip march thru 1st week in April. We use 16-18 foot bost and run the shore line with planner boards 200 or more from the boat a long lines up 300 feet behind the boat, lots of bait fish in that area right now water temp is 34 and lots of ice flows.
  13. I saw the video on there site. looks like a good product. I run canon downriggers with positive ion control, and have many buddies that run the black box, and we have agreed we catch 50% more fish with the positive ion control. has anyone run the shark with there positive ion control set up, I asked shark already they think positive ion does not work. But It's proven it does attaract fish, I think the shark and ion control would a awsome combo .
  14. I would say $ 160.00 bucks more. A adjustable boom and the stainless spool on the mag 10hs is the only difference Cannon told me just got off the phone with them.
  15. Cabela's Depthmaster Reels are JUNK I bought 5 2 years ago the glass for the line counter feel off all of them the first time out. Then had a big screamer king waste the drag and they click bad. Took them back to Cabela's they suggested for Salmon I should use Accudepth Diawa's or Okuma Reels. The depth master are not heavy duty reels walleye trolling would be there limit
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