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What hook sharpener do you use? and why

Nic Gibson

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I searched on this an found nothing. Hook sharpening seems to be a big deal to trollers, and is mentioned often. I have not seen anywhere that people have shared what they use to sharpen hooks, why their personal technique and test for "sharp enough". Would you be willing to share? 

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Late to the party but I use a Model S EZE Lap Diamond Sharpener. I picked up several at discount store for $3 each.  I pitched the pen cap top since it never stayed on anyway and put a small eye screw into the plastic base so I could clip it on my lanyard. I like the diamond file since it doesn't rust and by keeping it around my neck on a lanyard it's always there so I don't have to rummage thru a tackle box or bag to find it and because it's handy I have no excuse not to use it.


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Bass Pro markets a diamond covered, flat hone.  Blue rubber handle.  Less than 10 bucks.  One side coarse, one side fine.  


Sharpen your hooks to a triangle cross section.  Always stroke from the tip to the bend of the hook.


Hooks properly sharpened will 'stick' in your thumbnail, not slide along it.  No pressure into your nail, just try to slide it along.  February is the start of my 'Ugly thumbnail' season.  All the scratches from the not quite sharp enough hooks gather dirt and thats that.  Wash em.

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On 12/25/2023 at 10:49 PM, FBD said:

$2 rectangular stone

Because it works 

Hook needs to hang on a fingernail with no pressure applied

What FBD said. the old Mom and Pop bait shops sold them. I actually wore slots thru a couple( aging myself lol). inch wide 1/2 inch thick maybe 3 inches long grey stone.

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