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  1. I have triple trees. Custom made, welded construction, ss pipe. (Retired pipefitter style) I only run one set of divers, one each side. My trees are mounted further to the stern than most. I use the bottom holder for wire divers. Works for me. I went with Scottie riggers. I like the free fall out, control the speed with a brake. Some like the speed, I did not like the down motor of my Big Jons. It seemed like every month or so the cable would bind and start to raise the ball as it wound on backwards. A dandy big kink in the cable. Maybe a 15 pound weight would have prevented that.
  2. If you would please PM me here. thanks
  3. Study the Kirkland warbler or increase Rolf Peterson's budget to import more Canadian wolves to Isle Royal. There are innumerable places to misapply funds. Six rods? Solo? How many arms do you have?
  4. Most lead pipes are the branch lines that come from the main and enter your home. In many municipalities, from the curb shut off valve to the meter is the owners responsibility. You can tell by looking at the pipe coming into your home. Scratch it slightly with a knife, if its soft and silvery its lead. It will likely have a larger roundish ball of solder where the pipe transitions to copper or galvanized steel. Treat the shavings as a chemical that is known to cause cancer in California.
  5. If you run a positive voltage to your rigging, then you must need to keep your sacrificial anodes in top shape. Of course on a saltwater boat this is a no brainer, fresh water vessels not so. I trailer an aluminum hull and never spend much time or effort with the anodes, they just appear the same year to year. I do fish on Lake Superior far from industrial sights. I would expect the water conductivity is quite low.
  6. This is very interesting. Help me here, an anode transfers metal to a cathode. An anode is negative charged, (Ben Franklin guessed wrong) Does a boat with a positive charge attract fish? Or does a boat need to be completely neutral to not repel fish. Do cohos count? Those goofy fish would hit a small stainless prop on a little kicker. I recall the USN keeping a cathodic charge on the vessels hull of some 2 1/2 volts.
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