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  1. Bass Pro markets a diamond covered, flat hone. Blue rubber handle. Less than 10 bucks. One side coarse, one side fine. Sharpen your hooks to a triangle cross section. Always stroke from the tip to the bend of the hook. Hooks properly sharpened will 'stick' in your thumbnail, not slide along it. No pressure into your nail, just try to slide it along. February is the start of my 'Ugly thumbnail' season. All the scratches from the not quite sharp enough hooks gather dirt and thats that. Wash em.
  2. Best of luck here. As a long time Yooper Lake Superior fisherman I can personally discuss gill nets. One bleach jug on one end. Losing spoons and other tackle to said poorly marked nets. On the not so bad end of things, putting on leather gloves and ripping holes in the nets to recover my rigger weights. If you ever wonder why Yoopers seldom post about their success on the Lake. The Red Cliff Band watches these places as they plan where to fish. Just this fall a bunch of 'big mouth can't wait to post morons' found out about a great fall lake trout fishery. Then had the balls to post we did not know what we had. They are right on the 'had' part, we knew exactly what we had. Next fall there will be 35 miles, that is correct MILES of nets there. It will be impossible to fish among them and the remnant trout population will be too sparse for the sport troller to have much success in the near future. They did this about 20 years ago, the fish population did rebound in about 15 years. At 67 years old, I find it unlikely I will be fishing Superior when that fish population builds back. If you happen to personally know any of the big mouth persons, a good nut kick is in order.
  3. I have no financial interest in the Slide diver company. I really like their 'light bite' version. I just spent a good portion of June on Lake Superior, I never had a surprise little Laker Shaker occupying the hooks.
  4. I break mine down daily. I use the Slide Diver. I use a swivel to connect about 30 feet of 30 pound Big Game mono to wire. The diver runs on this. A bead, another swivel, and 6 feet of flouro leader. As my wire divers are the 'low' diver, I run 7 foot rods. No snubber, the mono seems an adequate substitute. When breaking down rods, the wire is safely on the spool and the mono is subject to the bending etc that would mess up wire. It does require a bit of creative wrapping. There is that flouro leader. I could use a snap and remove to store, I wrap it around the outside of the reel and put the snap over the line somewhere. I do have custom rod bags that I store all my rods in. (My wife sews and fishes, too) The bags ain't fancy, they are made of ends and pieces gleaned from an ice tent manufacturer.
  5. The company has an antiquated web page, its not linked to inventory. My order was built around some hooks. I was awarded a pretty orange note saying "We're sorry its not in stock, we have credited your account a refund. Same ridiculously high shipping, "not back ordered we will ship later." Caveat Emptor, the only greek I remember, BUYER BEWARE. Youp50
  6. I don't know if they still re available, Northwood Outfitters in Pinnconning was selling Williamson knives with a Marrttinnii blade for 10 bucks. If you can use a thick blade (not much Flex) and you can deal with the tendency to wire edge, they are my favorite. I have several in the 6, 8, and 12 inch size. I find myself reaching for the 12 inch for trout and salmon as small as 3 pounds. The 6 and 8 inch blades see plenty of use on venison.
  7. Amish Outfitters tube caddy. Drilled a 3/8 hole in both caps. Run the leader thru one cap and ease the fly into the tube. Cap the other end. The flies dry out with both caps vented. I leave the leaders loose in the box, they don't tangle much and they sure don't kink or coil like a spring. Hook points covered.
  8. Someplace on the Lake Ontario United site. Reel size, feet of copper, feet and size of backing. Plain English, no app.
  9. I have triple trees. Custom made, welded construction, ss pipe. (Retired pipefitter style) I only run one set of divers, one each side. My trees are mounted further to the stern than most. I use the bottom holder for wire divers. Works for me. I went with Scottie riggers. I like the free fall out, control the speed with a brake. Some like the speed, I did not like the down motor of my Big Jons. It seemed like every month or so the cable would bind and start to raise the ball as it wound on backwards. A dandy big kink in the cable. Maybe a 15 pound weight would have prevented that.
  10. If you would please PM me here. thanks
  11. Study the Kirkland warbler or increase Rolf Peterson's budget to import more Canadian wolves to Isle Royal. There are innumerable places to misapply funds. Six rods? Solo? How many arms do you have?
  12. Most lead pipes are the branch lines that come from the main and enter your home. In many municipalities, from the curb shut off valve to the meter is the owners responsibility. You can tell by looking at the pipe coming into your home. Scratch it slightly with a knife, if its soft and silvery its lead. It will likely have a larger roundish ball of solder where the pipe transitions to copper or galvanized steel. Treat the shavings as a chemical that is known to cause cancer in California.
  13. If you run a positive voltage to your rigging, then you must need to keep your sacrificial anodes in top shape. Of course on a saltwater boat this is a no brainer, fresh water vessels not so. I trailer an aluminum hull and never spend much time or effort with the anodes, they just appear the same year to year. I do fish on Lake Superior far from industrial sights. I would expect the water conductivity is quite low.
  14. This is very interesting. Help me here, an anode transfers metal to a cathode. An anode is negative charged, (Ben Franklin guessed wrong) Does a boat with a positive charge attract fish? Or does a boat need to be completely neutral to not repel fish. Do cohos count? Those goofy fish would hit a small stainless prop on a little kicker. I recall the USN keeping a cathodic charge on the vessels hull of some 2 1/2 volts.
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