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Thought maybe someone could help.

Had water pump on my 130hp Honda OB changed last fall; just put in a new thermostat; still over heating.

Going to recheck water intake area and try and find a flush kit. The poppet valve is in line with the flush connection so maybe it is plugged up. Prior to 2011 it was an ocean boat. I’ve never flushed it after fishing in Lac Erie n Michigan.

As far as I know these are the only 4 areas to check.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The kings will be here any minute and I need to chase after them.

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I have no idea Dan, but try posting your question on "The Hull Truth" forum in the appropriate section. When ever I have specific boat or motor issues, I find it a great resource because they have so many active members, and both salt and fresh water guys. You may have to set up a user name to post a question, or you could try and search as you can read stuff already on there without joining. I did a little search, and there were some Honda overheating questions. Maybe something will help. Good luck!

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If that motor was ran in saltwater I would bet the cooling system/ water jackets and distribution system are clogged with hard water scale and is not allowing heat transfer.
See it a lot in boat ac that come from salt environment.
Muriatic acid needs to be flushed through to free scale and debris. After that run fresh through.
Hopefully that solves your problems.
Pull stat replace cover to close the loop,put a circulation pump in bucket of acid and run pump back to bucket.
If it’s full of scale the acid will come back white and foamy.
Do that till your cleaned.

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