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  1. Sent ya a pm Is unit still for sale?????????????? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Is unit still for sale? Has all parts and transducer? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Unit still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Fishjay

    What's the earliest?

    Middle of March to first of April if ice is not an issue salt water IO saves me from freezing motor I have three valves I drop open to release water around antifreeze jacket on motor great for early and late season
  6. Fishjay

    St Joe 10/18

    [ATTACH]1573[/ATTACH Here is a batch we got a few weeks back
  7. Fishjay

    St Joe 10/18

    We plan on fishing till we get snow Your more than welcome to come Always hard finding guys to go this time of year even with heat in cabin We plan on Sunday if it's fish able
  8. Fishjay

    St Joe 10/18

    No clue if they shut water off yet for cleaning station I'm slipped up down in river noir up river from launch Our station still open if they shut muni down and I'm down there ur welcome to come use ours
  9. Fishjay

    St Joe 10/18

    Yes that is our usual program this time of year but you never know inside May hold the mother load too so we took a chance Always a roll of dice I'll post if I get on em if weather allows
  10. Fishjay

    St Joe 10/18

    Roger on that Fished south haven almost same program from pier heads out to 105' nothing. Shoulda went to 150 and set and trolled out but the horizon looked like mountains out there Next week that's our program
  11. Fishjay

    Sh 7-18

    90-110 We were straight out Heard better #'s north
  12. Fished till storm pushed us in. 2 for 2 both kings on divers with meat North troll 2.5 at ball One on high 115 back on 3 One on low 130 back on one 90'-110
  13. Fishjay

    Sh 7/19

    Thanks for the compliment on boat She's a C-dory made in Washington We'll have to do some networking in future I'm usually out every weekend Send me your # Here's mine 269 207 1290
  14. Fishing still tough 1 for 2 Lost steel on high diver meat rig as it rapped up w 300 Nice 15# king on 300 10" white slick spinny with black moo teaser Hope things change We've bean patient long enough
  15. This is the beginning of years to come of low low #'s unless u have a great laker program.
  16. Here is a herring that was coughed up from a perch in st. Joe From this graph shot I'd say there is allot of them
  17. Fish South Haven On Sunday between 10 and 12 o'clock for a shakedown cruise ended up 4 for 7 one nice king 11# lost a good rip on 3 color with dble orange SS 11# king came on rigger 30 down w mixed veg SS , took laker on thin fin on 5 color another laker on SOG SS 3 color Coho on diver throw back and one more coho on diver that we kept All ran well with boat, just allitle bumpy out there we fished 40-50'
  18. Fishjay

    Pier Ice Fishing

    Good luck it's been tough from what I hear in SJ But u don't know if u don't go Maybe some fresh has moved in
  19. Fishjay

    Cannon Downriggers

    Down riggers, have you sold them? Thanks J
  20. Gone through allot of releases over years, found that blacks are my favorite, easy to set and you can change tension throughout season as the fish get bigger
  21. Fishjay

    3 yr old Salmon?

    Most all adult kings mature at 3 years not many make it to 4