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Braid Dipsey vs Steel

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On 12/17/2022 at 8:55 PM, dan agnello said:

How does catch rate for steel line compare w/braid?

I have heard that the “humming” noise of steel helps draw fish in like riggers cable does.


Just bought some steel line and going to setup one steel dipsey, leave the other braid, and compare.


you may not get accurate results this way. many times, I have fished with the same setup on each side and would catch 2 to 1 on one side and the other side would seem almost dead. plus, wire has a much different dive curve than braid which would be a problem getting both of them set at the same depth. but you can run the wire on one side and if it's producing more fish, it could be the depth might be different than the braid so it might be a good idea to adjust the leads on the braid to see if it helps. but with the same lure and leader length with the same color diver it may make a difference. so, try it on different days to see if it outperforms the braid.

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I did the same exact thing Dan. Set one rod up with steel to try it three years ago. By the end of three times out I was sold. I do a thing though, so whether newby or my experienced forgetful self, I don't have to worry about spool problems. That thing is called a slide diver. I get the kit to make them magnum with heavier weight. Then about 20-30 yards of 25# mono for the slide, and 20-25# test floral for the 4' leader. My philosophy is the steel never has a chance to birdsnest, because the mono wraps it tight and the mono also acts to give stretch during the fight. I still use a short snubber at diver. Tried without, and went back to the snubber. A short one.

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