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Solo 2 for 4, 14.4oz king and a sheep head (a gift whenever I fish shallow) that was close to 14lbs also.
King 14.4oz, (7:09am) on an 8C with a happee meal mag spoon. sog 2.4, S direct, 54 fow, temp at depth 43.9
Lost two others in 135fow, one hit my Port DR with a jordo std spoon and ran for several minutes and when I tried to tenderly crank him in the line snapped and I lost him. He was of very good size!

At the cleaning station a boat came in with (15-20 Kings) but most were small.
Lake was calm

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  • littleboat changed the title to Holland Am, 9-8-22

Thanks for sharing your report and glad you bagged one nice king for the effort.  I sure looked nice out there today but I had other stuff to attend to.  Taking a friend and his daughter out Saturday night and hope we can get a fish on for each. 


BTW - I know exactly that feeling after a king goes on a big run and can't be budged . . . are my knots good . . . did the line get nicked during the strike . . . how much pressure should I put on the drag . . . crap, the line is dead.  Thanks for reminding me how painful that is.

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Added picture to main post. Camera tends to lighten pictures misleading ID.
Added picture to main post
Dark gums, spots top and bottom of tail more prevalent in the extra picture. I would have been happy either way.

Great job on your 5/5 catch the other night!

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