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Open seats Wed. 8/24 Ludington 5:00 am launch

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Not seeing any views on the Open Seats forum so I thought I would try here:

Probably a long shot, but I'll be in Ludington and plan to fish Wednesday morning.  Will launch from the Ludington boat ramp at 998 W. Loomis Street at 5:00 am.  I need to pull lines around 10 am.

Fishing solo currently so I have room on the boat.  I would like to run more than 3 lines, and could accommodate 2 more people. 

Boat is a 19 foot Lowe side console with a 120 hp outboard and a 9.9 kicker.  I have all necessary fishing equipment.

Not planning to clean fish in Ludington, so if we get fish you can get them whole and deal with them as you see fit.



Send me a message if interested.


*disclaimer: I am not a charter, and am fishing for fun! If the wind forecast is wrong and the waves kick up I will not fish the big lake.  Might jig the harbor for a few hours if that's the case since I'll already be up there.

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Solo 1 for 3, (7:53am)#9.98 coho in 64fow, ball depth 46, E troll, temp 49.2, Green flounder pdr.

There was a traffic jam at the entrance. it looked like Christmas trees all lit up going back and forth.

I decided to go to the point and fish. one bite in 100, but spit it out. no other marks. I headed back on the outside edge of the pack set my lines down in 70 fow. Got one fish right away and missed another after it took my line and spoon (bloody nose).. No more bites after that most of the boats headed in
I quit at 10:30, since we were camping and had other things to do.

Sorry I couldn't get up early enough to help jdh out..


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Nice coho!  I need to figure the port out a bit.  I know some days the fish are heavy out in front of port but this time they appeared to have been more towards the points.  I stopped in the channel to look around on my way back in.  The lake has some very large schools of salmon wandering around.

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