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Fished solo again 7-noon, 3 for 5, 12#-4oz king, 14.85# laketrout and 4# laketrout. Fished 100-165fow.
king (10:59am) 12#-4oz, 9color, 2.3sog, s troll, 45dwn,159fow, ratchet jaw.
laketrout (8:26am) 14.85#, 8Color, 2.2sog, se troll, 40 down, 150fow, jagerbomb.
laketrout (7:04am) 4#, DR following bottom with 11" white flasher and bumble bee spin n glow, 124fow
lost nice size king at back of the boat while unhooking slider from line.
2-3 ft slow rollers most of the morning.
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Tried out front last night, as the sensor in the channel showed water as cold as 52 degrees had come in overnight and the buoy had 50 degrees down like 25'.

Never found anything below 64 on the surface.  Marked a lot of perch in 20' or so.  Actually caught one on a Flicker Shad.  And we caught sheep.

Caught sheep in 30', caught sheep out front, caught sheep in the channel, down the shipping lane, past the no wake zone.  I bet we caught over 30 of them.  No real size.  No pattern.  They hit everything.

Sheriff was out and was plenty busy busting people who can't seem to figure out what no wake means.  Good.

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So many thanks for the great posts.  Impressive king.  Bet you had fun landing that big fish solo!!
I did. It was about a 20 minute challenge while he ran with the lure in, out and around the stern.

I find the biggest heart breaker is when you lose one as you trying to net them solo, because you are always letting go of the rod to grab the net, pulling off a slider lure or when you have to clear other lines by putting the rod with the fish in a holder with a little less drag hoping it will hold on until you can pull him in.

That's what happened to my second king.

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