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Left early today clearing the harbor mouth at 5:20am knowing the bite was weak.  Water was flat and expecting lots of bugs - and they delivered.  Fished 135-160FOW from set down to about 7:00am with no takers and no bait to be found so started pushing out and planning on a steelhead only bite.  I could only find three other boats out early.  Once I got into deeper water, the previously posted UV water melon spoon on my new 300' weighted steel rig got most of the interest.  After the first two misses, I switched out the hook to a Mustad 2/0 treble wide gap but that didn't help until the 4th hit on that line and finally landed a steelhead (pic below).  Hit #3 on the chart was sweet but I lost it early and all I could do was watch the SH jump out of the water 400' in back of the boat absent of my hook.  Hit #4 was a king, based on the head shake and I almost got that fish to the back of the boat but lost it too.

For the second time since fishing on the Great Lakes, I had a BAT try to land on the boat in full sun light.  Fortunately, because of all the nats, I closed the berth and was successful swinging a towel to ward off the unwanted visitor.  Has anyone else encountered this?  Very strange.

Fish is about to go on the grill for dinner.  Better luck next time.




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I had a bat try the same thing fishing out of Muskegon about 15 year’s back. Bright sunny day also. Poor thing went boat to boat everybody waving their hands and towels at it then I watched it land in the water.
I’ve taken warblers for rides

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We had a bat come aboard about 10 years ago when we did the West Michigan Fishing League.  

very calm, foggy day,  it was about 3 miles off shore.

it was very tired.

trapped it in a cardboard box, kept it in the darker cabin, then released at the fish cleaning station back of the lot in the wooded area.

left the box, came back a few hours later,  it was gone...

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Yep I had one on my boat before!  I was fishing solo and it landed on my net, then flew off while I was fighting a fish and tried to land on my shirt!  I’m telling ya, the critter was looking me right in the eyes!  Of course freaked me out, I lost the fish.  Then I was mad and kinda still freak out when it landed on the side of the boat.  I swatted it and it landed in the water and managed to get back up and land on the boat again.  I mean I don’t blame it I was a few miles out.  I trapped him in a bait bag, brought him home to show the wife and let it go in the back yard!  I will never forget it trust me!  71A66CD2-85E0-4196-BEA1-D1CA1FC9E651.thumb.jpeg.a8e25c0e81dad508504c0168fc570b4e.jpegFBC3AEE7-26B2-4257-98CD-02CD334981C0.thumb.jpeg.6a7781c8300e95e5186ae6bb97d81097.jpeg0B433E34-9056-45B1-A182-14B3D6A351DF.thumb.jpeg.3a08ec364e700a6682e173495c93bf20.jpeg

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They are so harmless its not even funny.  And are great for eating bugs, and our ecosystem.  Bats are one of natures coolest creations.  I would welcome many aboard my boat out trolling.  But never had that happen.  Couple swallows and other birds, but that its.

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