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  1. I’ve had it happen to me twice, last year was the last time. First time I had guests on board and they were hiding at the helm.
  2. I would take a serious look at trax tech if you want strong ratcheting rod holders. I now have trax tech along the gunnel and cannon on my down rigger, love both of them. Cannon can be operated with one hand. Either one of these are great, see what the price comparison is. I had Berts for years because the price was better, now I believe thet are all pretty close. Bert's weren't near the quality of trax tech or Cannon.
  3. Been using Black's for many years, twist the line 10 times so the line doesn't slip. Alway adjust tension for the the waves so I don't get false releases. They work great.
  4. We are doing the tournament, contact Fins-N-Grins for info.
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