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4 for 5, if count a drum as fish, lol.

Trolling south in  60’ got drum near bottom on moonshine flounder pounder on port rigger. 
Trolling west in 182’ got 3yr old king on SB rigger down 117’’ on  mag DW green glo frog spoon with white back.

In 180’ on SB side trolling east got nice Steelie on  SS DW pink panties on 4 3/4 colors.

Lost one port 300’ copper in 187’.

Pulling port rigger there was 12” coho that we returned. Had one last week on 18 colors. Nice to see some of them fir next yr.

Waves 2-3s or 2-4s and came down to 2s from NE. 
Usual speed of 2.2-3.2knots.






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I felt same way, but when lake settles after all storms/wind we’ve had, it looks like there are some 3 yr old kings and steelies out there.

Yes, and best thing is the fact that we caught juvenile Cohos last two trips is very promising.

We don’t target lakers, aka drag dodgers/spin n glows on the bottom; we catch enough on our riggers/Dipseys just by accident.

Have a great winter and hope to see you on the water here.

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