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Went out Friday evening about 5 pm. Saw a couple of bigger boats heading to Herring hole, so kind of went that way too. They both set lines on north side of hole and trolled south towards Arcadia. Wind was out of the south and since I was fishing alone again, I went to south side and trolled north through the hole and back towards Frankfort. Marked decent numbers of fish 40-60' down in 80-90' fow. When I strayed deeper or shallower I marked less fish. Used downriggers and spoons mostly for simplicity. I did try a flasher and fly for a bit. Lost the first fish but landed a 15# king. Both hit on the same spoon, my old standby Moonshine Agent Orange. 56' down in 85 fow.


Saturday morning was a bit bumpy for one guy. With stiff SSE wind, I went straight out and again trolled north for better boat control if I got one on. At one point I turned and thought I'd try to swing by the harbor. Of course I hooked a coho and lost it near the boat trying to steer through traffic. So with that I swung the bow back to the north and trolled the bank all the way past the point. (6 mi) The wind was perfect for that and I seldom had to adjust the course. Ran a meat rig for a while and two spoons off the riggers. Picked up a coho on my old standby, 52' down in 80 fow. Pulled the meat rig and put a Moonshine JJ Mac Muffin down 70', and another Agent Orange on the other corner rigger. The middle rigger with the Muffin popped in 115 fow. Landed another coho. By 9:30 the swells and waves had built up pretty good so I pulled lines and headed in.


Several people I know personally or talked to at the cleaning station have been doing well in Platte Bay. I was hoping to get over there this weekend but the big lake had other plans which didn't include me. Hoping she lays down a bit this week. The wind alert app doesn't look too promising.


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It's worse than that actually. This coming weekend is the Ironman triathlon in Frankfort. Sunday the public launch is shut right down to my understanding. All hotels are full, roads will be blocked, etc. Part of the race is a swim around Betsie Bay. I may be launching elsewhere. Lol

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