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Fished from 5:00ish to dusk Monday and Tuesday.  Monday fished 115-145FOW looking for big kings but I was blessed with lake trout, caught and released 3.  All came in about 125FOW on high divers down about 50', aqua fly and a blue silver spoon.  Found some nice bait balls off the sliders.  Ran over them twice, one pass at dusk but could not get any bites.  Marks were plentiful.  The chatter on 68 was the same, marks but no bites.  After sunset the fish finder came alive with marks and small balls of bait.  I got nothing but a big tangle that I left on the back of the boat until the following morning.  I must admit, getting all the gear squared away and retied at sun up with a big thermos of coffee is very satisfying.  Tuesday decided to start deeper in 160-190FOW.  Very limited marks and no bait.  Came in to 120FOW for the dusk bite.  Had one rip on the SB dipsey tipped with an aqua fly during a hard turn to port but it came unbuttoned rather quickly after a short run.  Lots of marks in the 45-60' range.  A couple of comments on 68 that running fast, I assume 2.5-3.0mph was getting action but not sure what the action was.  Appears the fish are biting up north but not so much around Holland.

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There has to be some other species down there other than kings.  But I would think if they were sheephead we would catch some.  We took two silver fish hits last night, both hits came at 3 and 3.3 mph.  We tried fast and slow and in-between.

The king we did bring in had 10 alewives her her stomach.


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We catch sheep in Lake Mac trolling high 2's in 75 degree water on just about any presentation you can think of trying for walleye.  If those were sheep up high and you were throwing spoons at them, you'd get some eventually.

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