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There was finally a couple of adults in the boat with me which allowed me to take better notes on my trip.  We fished from 6 am - 1 pm, but didn't have a hit after 9:03.  We started in 80 FOW and slowly worked southwest.  The fish were deep...80+ feet down.   We worked out to 180, back into 130 and back out to 160 again.  We saw some good suspended marks about 100 down in 150 to 170 FOW but didn't have any takers.  Most of our hits came north of the sand dunes.  One was off the dunes.  We fished south to the point.

Here's what worked:

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
6:28 AM   109 SESW 10# King Green/Glow spin doctor & meat Wire heavy slide diver, #2 setting out 190
6:35 AM   114 SW 14# King Big green glow plug w/ black ladderback SWR Rigger down 80'
7:23 AM   134 S 12# King Green/Glow spid doctor & meat Wire heavy slide diver, #2 setting out 190
8:05 AM   134 SW 20# King Double glow plug (plain) Rigger down 110
9:03 AM   148 S 19# King Green haze paddle & meat 300 Cu + 6 oz Dive Bomb



For those of you viewing on a phone, the above table looks horrible so this might look better:

Time            FOW    Toll        Fish            Bait                                                                  Pole
6:28 AM        109    SESW    10# King    Green/Glow spid doctor & meat                   Wire heavy slide diver w/ring, #2 setting out 190
6:35 AM        114    SW         14# King    Big green glow plug w/ black ladderback    SWR     Rigger down 80'
7:23 AM        134    S            12# King    Green/Glow spid doctor & meat                    Wire heavy slide diver w/ring, #2 setting out 190
8:05 AM        134    SW        20# King    Double glow plug (plain)                                Rigger down 110
9:03 AM        148    S           19# King    Green haze paddle & meat                             300 Cu + 6 oz Dive Bomb



The 300 Cu is the longest rod I have in my boat and I know I needed to get deeper so I added a 6 oz Dive bomb about 25 feet in front of the copper.  I put about 40' of line out between the board and the dive bomb.  (So Pole --> Board --> 40' of Braid --> Dive Bomb --> 25' of braid --> 300 Cu --> Fluorocarbon --> Meat rig.)  This particular copper setup doesn't have 2 color colors of lead after the copper.  This setup is working for those deeper fish and has taken 1 fish each of my last 3 trips.

We just couldn't find them after 9:03.  Maybe they were deeper than 180 or shallower than 130.  

We didn't target trout.  Here's what didn't work:

200 Cu: Carbon 14 and a magnum orange and green Moonshine spoon
250 Cu: Green Jeans, Yeck Wart Frog, NBK, 5 Eyes
300 Cu + 4 oz dive bomb: Green & Chrome spin doctor & meat
High Braid Slide Divers out 300, 220, 150 and 140 with Green Knight and Wonder bread spoons
Low wire heavy slide divers out 190 and 210 with a slightly darker green and glow spin doctor and meat
Various paddles and flies on the chute rigger.

Most hits were between 1.9 and 2.2 mph at the ball with one coming at 2.4.  Did try speeds up to 2.7.  The water was so warm that we didn't run anything above a 200 Cu.  Pictures to follow in the comments.

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And the pictures.  This was a trip with my brother and his family.

Great trip Mega Byte and always the best reports , detail and colors, speed at ball you definitely help the fishermen put fish in the box by sharing your Knowledge and experiences

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I also add 4-6 oz weight to 300 cu or 10 color when needed to get deeper. Always seems to catch fish. Do you have problems with boards slipping with the braid backing? Double wrap around the clip? Wanting to switch from mono to braid to have more backing 

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