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  1. The boy and I took a quick trip out Friday. Lines down at 6pm, and weather chased us off by 7:45. Went 3/3 - 5# Steel, 14# King, and 19# King (the 2 Kings below were a chaotic double header). Best water water 125 fow on a SW troll. All on Moonshine spoons (VNeck, Flounder Pounder, NBK). DR 47'; and 10-color.
  2. WolfPack323

    Holland 5/19

    Nice job! Thanks for the report
  3. WolfPack323

    Holland 5-15AM

    Nice catch! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Unbelievable! So jealous...great catch and great report! Please send some of them up north!
  5. First time poster here - Sorry for the earlier troubled posts. Guess the app doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. Fished out of GH early Sunday (7:15 - 10:30). Went 4/4 - nothing very big. Hopefully the fishing is starting to pick-up here. Seems insane down in St. Joe. Mostly fished 50-70 FOW, and 3 out of 4 fish came on a south troll. 2 Kings (9-10#). First in 55FOW 35 down (DR) with Moonshine V-Neck spoon. Second in 60FOW 6 color LC with Jagerbomb spoon. 2 Lake trout (7-8#) Both on laker setup (boy wanted some lake trout??) 60-65 FOW. 120 back on wire diver. Green spin doctor with green spin-n-glow, and 8" Protroll UV flasher with silver/blue spin-n-glow. Good luck all. Tight lines!