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Took the kids out today.


Started in 170 and trolled west looking for cooler water. Got a throwback king on a 100 Cu double orange crush as we were setting our 4th line. Marked some fish around 180 fow. Surface temp dropped to 59 degrees in 200 fow, but no marks. Went out to 205 but the sonar was empty. Turned east. Got hits between 170 and 150 fow. South troll in that range was beat with a double on inn157 fow.


Finished 4 for 6. 100 Cu double orange crush went twice, NBK on a SWR down 40 went 3 times. A big white paddle and a blueish fly took a nice king down 80 on a rigger. 46 degrees down there. 65 degrees on top in that 150 to 170 range. No meat bites. 200, 250, 300 Cu weren't hit. High and low divers never took a bite.


Pulled a log out to save everyone's props from hitting it after dark. Also caught a balloon.


Started setting lines around 1:00 and pulling them around 5:00. Fished straight west and a bit north of the pier.20190629_124559.jpeg20190629_133612.jpeg20190629_152705.jpeg20190629_143322.jpeg20190629_162341.jpeg20190629_162429.jpeg


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Thanks for the great report on your trip with the kids. Those are precious experiences. And thanks for removing the log. I have seen too many this year out of Holland, South Haven and Port Sheldon. I have flags in my small boat so at least I can make them more visible to other boaters.

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