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Beginner Steelhead fisherman

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Hello my name is ray. This year I wanted to try steelhead fishing. I live in WV so i was planning on going to either Ohio or Pennsylvania and fishing tributaries feeding into Lake Erie. What gear do I need via tackle, rod, reel. Also when is a good time to go to increase odds of a hook up.


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I like a 9ft medium to medium light rod, you want some backbone with a sensitive tip. I prefer spinning reesl and this would be your most economical set up.    Center pin reels are becoming more popular for float fishing(they are best for that) and you need a longer rod but they cost a lot more and not as versatile, for example, you can't cast with them and drift fish.   You can float fish and drift fish with a spinning reel.  Best time of the year is March and April in Michigan, I don't fish Ohio or PA, runs might be a bit sooner there.  You can reduce your learning curve a lot by hiring a guide.   A local guide can put you on the best water.   There are good spots and bad spots on any river system and guide can help here and they can help you with timing the run too. 

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